Thursday updates and clarifications

We’re under way at FtL Stadium, and Joe Mather just made the best play I’ve seen this spring — diving to his right to corral a hard shot from Nick Markakis, he throws from his knees and gets Markakis. Very impressive.

* Per John Mozeliak, Mortensen has tendinitis in his right elbow and will be re-evaluated tomorrow.

* TLR floated the idea of the Orioles loaning a pitcher or two to St. Louis, to benefit both teams. The O’s have 37 pitchers in camp, while the Cards are concerned about finding enough pitchers to cover all the innings. However, the idea has been nixed by the Cards before it was ever taken to MLB offices.

* Instead, the Cardinals are bringing two more pitchers into camp: Mark McCormick and Trey Hearne. Each has been facing hitters and should be able to slide right into game action when needed.



Looks like the Phillies just released Adam Eaton. Maybe the Cards should sign him to a MiLCWASTI to take care of some of those innings until these other guys get healthy…


Gotta love TLR’s inventiveness. That would’ve been one to talk about for a while in my opinion. Keep on keepin’ on Joe Mather!

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