Friday afternoon tidbits: Ryan and Freese out for a while

It was far from a pretty game here at Tradition Field, but the visitors picked up a win. Rick Ankiel’s diving catch in center was pretty sensational.

* David Freese and Brendan Ryan are both “improving slightly,” according to TLR, but out for at least another several days. The mgr does not expect either infielder to play until after the off day on Wednesday.

* Todd Wellemeyer departed before we got a chance to talk to him, so I’m unable to bring you his take on his performance today. To my eye, it looked sort of meh. LOT of pitches for two innings, but it is February after all.

* Jason Motte and PJ Walters both pitched quite well, with Motte particularly impressive to my eye. Rough one for Adam Ottavino.

* Tomorrow is a pretty big day, with Chris Carpenter taking the mound against the Nationals. If nothing else, it’s nice to go to the park knowing what you’re going to write.

Today’s playlist:
Electronic: “Getting Away With It”
U2: “All Because Of You”
Bruce Springsteen: “Working On a Dream”
Spoon: “The Underdog”
Elvis Costello: “This Year’s Girl”




Any thoughts on Allen Craig’s performance and Tyler Greene’s – at least, as far as TLR’s opinion? I know the guys are getting it done against sub-par pitchers, but I’m wondering how much of a shot they have to make the team now that they appear to be showing some “skillz”…thanks!

Greene has caught some eyes with all-around play. Craig has a tougher hill to climb, and TLR noted his long swing today.

I could see Greene making the team, though I can’t call him a favorite at this point. Hard to see Craig on the Opening Day roster.


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