Sunday morning lineup and tidbits: Oquendo leaves

Good morning to all, and I hope wherever you are, the weather isn’t hitting you too badly today.

* Today is Yadier Molina’s last game before heading over to work with Team Puerto Rico for the World Baseball Classic. Jose Oquendo headed over this morning. In Oquendo’s stead, Joe Pettini will coach third base.

* The weather here is a bit dicey. The forecast calls for scattered thunderstorms this afternoon, and it sounds like they’re already getting doused on the other side of the state. Would be great if we could just go ahead and start this thing early, but that’s not going to happen. We’ll see if a full game gets played.

* Chris Carpenter is in fact going to caddy for Adam Wainwright at the Honda Classic Pro-Am this week. He made a point to say that he’ll carry the bag on his left shoulder.

* Royce Ring threw a bullpen session this morning. Not sure exactly what that was about, but I’ll ask him in a little while. I’m guessing it’s related to the fact that he pitched a day earlier than expected.

* Today’s lineup: 1.Schumaker 2B — 2.Stavinoha DH — 3.Ludwick RF — 4.Duncan 1B — 5.Molina C — 6.KGreene SS — 7.Rasmus CF — 8.Mather 3B — 9.Barton LF

* Shameless plug: I’ll be on KMOX with Ron Jacober at about 10:20 am CT (ie, in just a few minutes). It’s going to be a semi-regular gig as the season goes on, and I’m looking forward to it.

Today’s playlist:
Depeche Mode, “Shake the Disease”
Foo Fighters, “Everlong”
LCD Soundsystem: “All My Friends”
REM: “Lotus”
The White Stripes: “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground”



I was only able to follow this game via box score, M; what was the weather like? The box score shows wind blowing out at 22 mph, which would help explain the offensive eruption, I would think. At least I hope it does — if the pitchers were giving up 10 runs legitimately, that wouldn’t be good, ST or no ST.

It was gusting hard out to RF, very unusual wind here. Still is. Tough day to pitch.

Carp as caddy. I love it.

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