Monday camp tidbits: Not-so-tearful reunion

Hello from a bright, sunny, cool day in Jupiter. It’s been a bit of a circus here today.

* Adam Kennedy made the trip from Port Charlotte, and led off the game with a bloop single to center. Told of the continuing contention that the Cardinals didn’t think he’d be OK with a competitive situation at 2B, Kennedy said, “I think we all know that’s not true.”

* Joe Thurston is playing LF today. TLR: “Dunc’s been playing a lot, Ludwick’s been playing a lot, so there’s a spot open. And he can play the outfield, I think. So he gets a chance. And he needs some playing time.”

* Gen. Hal Moore, of “We Were Soldiers” fame, visited the Cardinals and spoke to the team at 11:45 a.m. He was joined by Maj. Jim Gant, a recent recipient of the Silver Star for heroism in Iraq.

* Mitchell Boggs threw a live BP session today and, depending on how he comes through it, it’s conceivable that his next time facing hitters could be in a game. They’re not going to rush him, but it’s possible.

* Team Dominicana arrived today. It was quite a sight as all the stars rolled in, Alex Rodriguez in his Maybach and others in their luxury rides with entourages and all. Very rock-star vibe. They’ll be working out on the back fields this afternoon, and they play the Marlins at Roger Dean Stadium tomorrow.

Today’s playlist:
Wilco: “Outtasite (Outta Mind)”
XTC: “Senses Working Overtime”
Primal Scream: “Jailbird”
Dinosaur Jr: “The Wagon”
Jesus and Mary Chain: “Far Gone and Out”




I know it is early but who would be the front runner for closer right now?

And what if Mather ends up being a solid defensive 3B and continues to be “Joey Bombs,” any chance he sticks there and we have a situation with Glaus riding the bench?

1 – I’d guess Perez, but it’s SO early.

2 – Virtually no chance, but hey, the last time I said that to somebody, it was in reference to the possibility of Schumaker playing 2B.


Good day Mr. Leach, how are you? Forgive me, I’m not trying to hijack your thread, but I’m not exactly sure how to send you a message with the question I wish to ask, is it okay if I ask it here, or would you be kind enough to tell me how to send you an e-mail?

There’s an email link at the bottom of every story on the site. Please do feel free to use it. I enjoy receiving feedback.


Couldn’t the Cardinals just say nothing about Kennedy instead of reiterating a position in direct opposition to the one they publicly stated – and Kennedy publicly embraced – just weeks before releasing the man? Whether or not you like Kennedy as a player or person, it sure seems to me that the team’s showing itself to have little media savvy.

As so many grandmother’s told us, if you have nothing good to say, say nothing.

is Jarrett Hoffpauir getting any kind of look at 2b…BTW very good playlist…I enjoy the Dino Jr. Selection (although I’m partial to your living all over me and the XTC song…Dukes of the stratosphere is just as good)

Alan —

What were they SUPPOSED to say in January? They were trying to deal the guy. So they’re not going to say “He’s terrible, we’re not going to play him no matter what.” That completely shreds any bargaining position they might have had. The only option was to say “We’re committed to him, he’s the guy” up until they resolved it.

The timing was bizarre, no doubt. But as for the public comments in January, which I’ve heard a lot of complaints about, I just don’t see that they really had any other option.

And, no, I don’t think Hoffpauir is really getting any kind of serious look. If he’s not playing much now, with Ryan having been out, then he’s going to play even less once Ryan starts playing again.



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