Back in the saddle: Thursday lineup

Back from a couple of nice off days. Here’s today’s lineup vs the DR…

1. Schumaker 2B
2. Mather 3B
3. Ankiel DH
4. Ludwick RF
5. Duncan 1B
6. K.Greene SS
7. Jay LF
8. LaRue C
9. Rasmus CF



DR doesn’t look so scary without AP in the lineup. Look forward to this matchup.

Interesting a lineup with 7 outfielders. Weren’t we going to experiment with Stavinoha at catcher; put him in for LaRue and that would make 8 and what the heck. Just for good measure let’s put Brian Barton in at SS. He’s a good athlete, okay maybe not great defensively, but hey he looks like a shortstop. Put him in for Greene and now Tony is making history with an all outfield lineup. Not only can Ankiel DH, but he can pitch too. I say go for it TLR.

Should be an exciting game today. Check out my cardinal blog. Just started it. Feedback is welcome.

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