Cardinals sign D.Reyes

For the second consecutive year, the
Cardinals have addressed a need after the start of Spring Training. St. Louis
signed Dennys Reyes to a two-year contract on Thursday, adding left-handed
depth to its bullpen and likely ending a wide-open race for the second
left-handed spot in the relief corps.

“Every time that we’ve seen him, especially as a
specialist, he’s made left-handers look silly,” manager Tony La Russa
said. “And he can pitch to right-handers. I didn’t see him last year, but
the reports we had are good.”

Reyes, 31, will pitch for Mexico in the World Baseball
Classic and will not report to Cardinals camp until the Mexican team is
eliminated from the tournament. Mexico begins play on Sunday against Australia
in Mexico City.

Over a 12-year Major League career, Reyes has done just about
everything, from making 40 starts to collecting two saves. Recently, though,
he’s been a specialist. He made 75 appearances for Minnesota in 2008 but
pitched just 46 1/3 innings, posting a 2.33 ERA with 39 strikeouts, 15 walks
and four home runs. Left-handers hit .202 against him with a .250 on-base
percentage and a .287 slugging percentage.

For his career, Reyes has a 32-32 record and 4.28 ERA in 535
appearances. He has recorded 583 strikeouts and 356 walks in 646 innings.
Left-handers have a composite line of .237/.330/.340 against him over the
course of his career.



If he was so successful against lefties, why was he available at this late a date and not in a camp?

We lived in Louisville when he was on Cincy’s AAA team. He was okay against that caliber of talent, but nothing spectacular.

Is he as great a signing as they make it out to be or is it window dressing to cover up non-aggressiveness?

Reyes is a very good lefty specialist. Lefties are .237/.330/.340 against him in his career. .202/.250/.287 in 2008. That’s pretty impressive.

Lot of guys aren’t signed yet — the market just never developed. Beimel and Ohman too. Heck, Manny Ramirez wasn’t signed till 2 days ago, and he can play.

I mean, make your own assessments. If you think he can pitch, great. If not, that’s fine. But I wouldn’t base an assessment on what a guy looked like in Triple-A seven years ago, or on how a weird market shook out.

I like the signing quite a bit. I think he’s a better pickup than Beimel, and as good as Ohman. Not to mention an upgrade over what they have now.


Agreed, M, this looks like a good signing for what in baseball terms is chump change. (Heh. I may make such “chump change” in my career if I work till I’m 113.)

I don’t know much about Reyes but I think Beimel is a pretty effective lefty. Anybody know why they didn’t go after him?

Also is there something they aren’t telling us about Pujols? He has 9 AB’s this Spring. Is the elbow bothering him and htey aren’t saying anything?

Remember, walks don’t count as at-bats.

Entering today, Pujols has 17 plate appearances — right in line with most of the rest of the starters. Ludwick has 18, Schumaker has 17, K.Greene has 16, Ankiel has 15.


Good signing. Reyes had the best ERA of any lefty in baseball over the last 3 years. He’s not Fuentes but Fuentes wanted to play on the coast even tho the Cards offered more.

A week after your first ’09 Opening Day roster projection and you have a whole new player to add in. I suppose he will take the spot that Royce Ring was going for. It’ll be interesting to see the next projection.


Yep, and it’s Friday, the day for the new projection. Thx for the reminder.


I like this signing too. Reyes can certainly be considered a top-tier LOOGY, and if he can at least handle righties he’d be good for an inning with a L-R-L lineup. This takes a lot of pressure off of Miller and his iffy shoulder, too. So can we expect to see Ring and Ostlund in AAA after Spring Training? Where does this leave Manning?


Great signing. A proven left handed reliever v. lefties and righties. Very excited. Only one month away.

Check out my Cardinals blog. Feedback is very welcomed.

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