Thursday afternoon tidbits: Busy day

The scribes’ morning session with TLR lasted more than 20 minutes; it’s as though we didn’t see him for a week, rather than a couple of days. But there was plenty to talk about.

* Brendan Ryan has been cleared to play and may well appear in this afternoon’s game. At any rate, he should be on the field soon. Brian Barden is also cleared, according to TLR.

* David Freese, however, is still coming along slowly. They’re not sure when exactly he will be available.

* Five Cardinals players are available on loan to the Dominican team today: Joe Thurston, Allen Craig, Tony Cruz, Fernando Salas and Justin Fiske. Evidently the DR team is a bit short on bodies, and they’ll be in a hurry to get everything wrapped up and make it to the airport.

* The first round of cuts could come as early as Sunday.

* TLR said today that Wallace never really had a chance to make the club. He’s not ready to play defense in the Majors. Quote: “He signed last summer. This is a great break for him to come to big league camp and see what the big leagues are like. There are a lot of guys on the pecking order for at-bats that mean something for our club in ’09. He’s not on that.”

* Rick Ankiel is in at DH. TLR said he could play if need be as he recovers from a sore Achilles’, but as long as they have the DH, this is a good way to use it.

* TLR did not expect Pujols to pinch-hit in this game.

Today’s playlist, all mid-to-late period U2 in honor of the new record:
“Until the End of the World”
“Dirty Day”
“Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me”



Ah yes, was that U2 song from Batman Forever? Nice of TLR to lend those guys to the DR. But I can’t help but wonder, why doesn’t the DR have enough players?

Gotta love TLR. What a classy guy. Great win today. Check out my Cardinals blog. Feedback, comments etc… are welcomed

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