Ludwick, Glaus updates

Couple of updates after post-workout media availability…

* Troy Glaus has begun throwing and today swung a bat for the first time. He took about 20 swings off a tee. Glaus is still hoping to get in a game or two before Spring Training is over, but as he explained it, he has no idea whether that’s realistic or unrealistic.

* Ryan Ludwick downplayed his right oblique soreness. He said Dr. Paletta told him it might even be a stretch to call it a mild strain. Ludwick didn’t even feel anything “grab” — he just woke up sore the morning after taking a lot of swings.



Hope Ludwick pulls through. We need him to replicate last year’s surprise production. As for Glaus… baby steps. Baby steps.


Thanks for the great information. I find great joy in reading your blog, as I know few Cards fans that have the same musical tastes as myself. Your playlists are as interesting to me as your updates on the Cards. Your Manchester list yesterday is an amazing array of great tunes.

I haven’t seen many highlights, but I wanted to get your take on Schumaker’s transition to 2B. I thought it was a great move for the Cards, as I think he gives them the best offensive option at that position. I hope his defense will be up to par come opening day.

Brody or ekim2

On the subject of music, I just bought MLB The Show (I’m always the Cards, of course). I find it’s an interesting companion piece to the real season. They have a feature in it this year that allows for customized walk-up music to be played for batters (as well as relief pitchers, closers, etc). Which leads me to ask…how much do players have their say in the selection of their music, and which players use which songs?

I realize this is kind of an off-topic question, but I’m curious I suppose. Great job on the blog, I always enjoy reading it!

– Nate

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