Tuesday camp tidbits: Return of the regulars

It’s a glorious day in Jupiter, warm and sunny, and Mrs. Dude will be here tonight. So your faithful correspondent is in good spirits.

* Ryan Ludwick and Joe Mather are both back in the lineup, and Rick Ankiel is back to playing the outfield again. TLR said none of them is considered to be limited. However, Colby Rasmus has some hamstring soreness and is not in the lineup.

* Clayton Mortensen was on the schedule to throw live batting practice. Mortensen has been dealing with elbow discomfort.

* TLR decided to have a little fun with old friend and Tigers manager Jim Leyland. So he sent a lineup to Leyland with Lou Brock leading off and playing LF, Red Schoendienst at 2B, Musial in RF, McGwire at 1B, Edmonds in CF, Ken Boyer at 3B, Ted Simmons at C, Ozzie Smith at SS and Jeff Murphy as the DH. “Dizzy Gibson” was his pitcher.

* Iowa head football coach Kirk Ferentz is visiting camp today.

Today’s playlist:
Police: “Synchonicity II”
Los Campesinos!: “Ways to Make It Through the Wall”
Bloc Party: “Helicopter”
Against Me!: “Up the Cuts”
Chris Cornell: “Scream”

(BTW, anybody heard much of Los Campesinos!? I hear them periodically on XMU and really dig everything I’ve heard)



Jeff Murphy as DH? I’ve never heard of him. Why not use Orlando Coleman or Vince Cepeda as DH?

Jeff Murphy is the current bullpen catcher.

Hello Mr. Leach,

What do you think or have you heard any rumors of the Cardinals at least possibly looking at Pedro Martinez as a backup starter if someone goes down or as a fifth starter if someone’s spring training doesn’t work out. The reason asking is that I’ve looked at so many teams this spring that have a very very deep starting staff with us not having any more than five real starting pitches with some recovering from injuries. Pedro would be very cheap and since we never really spent that 10 million that we had left it seems like a logical move for someone that would almost for sure accept a cheap one year offer. I think he could very easily even be a long reliever that could start later on if someone goes down.

Thanks Mr Leach.

Ryan N.
St. Louis, MO

As to what I think, I think it’s an interesting idea. I’m of the opinion that some added starting depth would be a good move.

As for whether it’s going to happen, the chances are all but zero.


I love the TLR playfulness! How’d Leyland take it?

Wow. A LOOSE TLR. This is great. Hey Mr. Leach, who do you think is going to be the PERMANENT second baseman? Are we going to make any moves? Or is TLR going to pull another rabbit out of his hat (Skip) on this one and make us all feel stupid? I hope Skip does great, but dont you think they are rushing him?


Well Mr. Leach,

Make sure you pass that idea along to TLR about Pedro for me….

Leyland loved it. They’re old friends. Evidently Leyland did something like it to TLR years ago, with Stargell and Clemente or some such in a Pirates lineup.


I knew you were an alt nation/XMU guy. Los Campesinos is good stuff.

How does Pujols still not crack that lineup? 🙂

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