Cards content at the Classic

Hello from Dolphin Stadium, where at the moment it looks like a disappointing crowd for what should be an enjoyable USA-Puerto Rico elimination game in the World Baseball Classic. If you didn’t watch last night’s PR-Venezuela tilt, you missed an incredibly entertaining and compelling baseball game with high quality of play and a great atmosphere.

Anyway, here’s a little Cardinals content from my work down here in Dade County.

As a couple of other scribes and I walked back from press dining, we saw Tony La Russa and Joe Pettini. It’s a Cardinals off day today, so they made the trip down from Jupiter to Miami (or Miami Gardens, or Opa-Locka, or whatever exact municipality this is) to watch Jose Oquendo and Yadier Molina.

Did not get a chance to ask them their rooting interest between the home country and their teammates, but I’m guessing it’s an easy call — a USA win not only means the homeland advances, but it means that Oquendo and Molina are back in camp very soon.

Another tidbit from a very brief conversation (not an interview) — for the split-squad vs. the Orioles tomorrow, TLR will manage the team that goes to Fort Lauderdale (that’s not a surprise), while Pettini will manage the group that stays at home. Albert Pujols and Chris Carpenter will both play in Jupiter.

-M, back on the beat on Thursday.


What a game that was. Glad to have Jose and Yadi back… double glad to see the USA advance in the clutch. What a sight, eh? Seeing Wright and Rollins hugging while Youk and Jeter were fist bumping like crazy. What a rush!

That PR-USA game sounds like a classic! Wish I could have seen it, but it wasn’t on any channel I get.

That game was phenomenal, but its time Yadi gets to Jupiter. Happy to have Oquendo back as well. Less than three weeks away.

So Mr. Leach…what do you think about Motte being on the team now? HMMMmmmmm!!!!!

Well, obviously things have changed. But I don’t understand the tone of your comment.

It’s not like I said Motte was performing poorly. It’s not like I said I didn’t want him on the team. It’s not like I said that he COULDN’T make it.

All I said was that at that point, I didn’t figure he’d be on. And now things have changed. The next projection will have him on.

Why is it necessary for you to take a tone like that? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The only rule here is courtesy. If you disagree, great — make your point, make it respectfully and let’s engage in discourse. But nyah-nyah-nyah doesn’t accomplish anything and is against the whole ethos here.


Ha…hey Mr. Leach…chill out man…I was just teasing you….you seem like a person with a sense of humor but maybe you’re having a rough day at the job or something….I know plenty about that….There was no tone considering my comment had like twelve words in it but I’ll be more “professional” if I do ever leave any comments again…take care Mr. Leach…

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