Friday camp tidbits: Perez throws

Greetings from Jupiter. I’m back on the beat after some time at the World Baseball Classic and, before that, a couple of days off.

* Chris Perez played catch from 90 feet today. He says he’s at “90-95” percent and ready to go, but it sounds like they’ll be a little cautious with him. No game announced yet, and my guess is that it’s not this weekend.

* As of today, no more DH for the Cardinals this spring, except when they play on the road vs an AL team. Wainwright batting 8th, Rasmus 9th.

* David Freese has been cleared to play 3B for Memphis today. TLR acknowledged that he’s more on the radar than your average player in Minor League camp, but would not speculate on how close he might be to a possible return to big league camp, or even if there was any chance of that happening.

* FSN announced that it will have 100 Cardinals games in HD this year.

* Rick Ankiel, Joe Mather and Yadier Molina are among those getting the day off tomorrow rather than trekking to Viera.

How about some Philly music for today’s playlist:
The Roots, “The Seed”
Hall and Oates, “I Can’t Go For That” (OATES!)
The Spinners, “I’ll Be Around”
Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, “If You Don’t Know Me By Now”
The O’Jays: “Love Train”



When is Tony going to bat our pitcher 9th like a real manager. Why don’t we lead off with Pujol’s and bat the pitcher 6th, same difference.

How is Karen Carpenter’s arm?

If Perez is playing catch from 90 feet, but he’s only 90 percent — does that mean he can only throw the ball 81 feet? And if so, why not play catch from 81 feet and be 100%? It would be good for his confidence.

Is it true that we’re considering trading Ludwick to the Orioles for Rich Hill and Felix Pie? Why? I don’t understand that at all unless it’s a financial thing.

I like the music reference. You kind of forgot “Philadelphia” by Springsteen; but he’s not from there, so maybe that’s why. His music would be New Jersey music if you are talking strictly point of origin. Of course, that assumes that he wrote it in NJ which might not be the case because he travels to do concerts so he could have written it anywhere. Until we ask him, we’ll have to consider “Philadelphia” as “could have been anywhere” music. Nevermind. But it is the bestest song with the word “Philadelphia” in the title — can we agree on that?

I’m confused, Why are there going to be 100 Cardinal games at Home Depot? wouldn’t they be better player and watched at Busch Stadium? And we don’t even have 100 home games anyway, so are some of the opponents going to allow their home dates to be played in a warehouse store? Albert could injure himself on a nail gun and then where would we be. Is it an effort to make Chris Carpenter more at home (HA HA LOL)?
And the greetings from Jupiter thing had me going… I looked it up, it’s a city in Florida.

M—I follow your blog and enjoy your articles on cards website. Usually, however, an “older” guy like me has no clue as to what is playing on your playlist. However, thanks for the retro feel to today’s playlist and GO Cards!

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