Roster projection, third guess

Starting pitchers (5)
Adam Wainwright
Kyle Lohse
Todd Wellemeyer
Chris Carpenter
Joel Pineiro

Relief pitchers (7)
Ryan Franklin
Denny Reyes
Trever Miller
Kyle McClellan
Josh Kinney
Jason Motte
Brad Thompson

Catchers (2)
Yadier Molina
Jason LaRue

Infielders (7)
Albert Pujols
Skip Schumaker
Khalil Greene
Joe Mather
Brendan Ryan
Tyler Greene
Joe Thurston

Outfielders (4)
Rick Ankiel
Ryan Ludwick
Chris Duncan
Colby Rasmus



That’s a pretty decent looking roster, but I wonder: can Schu and Mather really slot back in as emergency outfielders, as this roster would require? Have they been getting enough innings in the OF to still be on their toes there?

I think you’re right on but I’d love to see Brian Barden on the big league roster. I think Tyler Greene and Brendan Ryan are too much alike.

If defense is so important to a groundball pitching staff, and you have two converted outfielders starting at second and third, why doesn’t the guy with the best glove get more of a chance?

He’s hitting better than guys who get more at-bats! It would be different if he only had a glove. He outhit most of those guys last year in AAA. He’s outhitting most of those guys now. The guy deserves a real chance on a major league roster.

Get a room, already.

Go with the guys with the most major league experience. That’s how it is and always will be.

We need Rich Hill on this starting staff. He’s great and he’s available.

M—Your current roster projection looks pretty much right on. Thurston and T. Greene deserve a shot and Ryan has played well this spring. The bull pen has guys that will obviously be on a short leash, but the good news is that strong competion is a phone call away.

Really, Hill AND Pie for Lunkhead… Make that deal.

Looks good, but who gets sent down when Glaus comes back?

If this is in fact the roster, then one of the extra IFs would go, I’d assume. But next week’s projection definitely may have a different look, as it’s clear that David Freese is very much in the mix.


With Freese back and T. Greene going down, it looks like the bench is set. I’m afraid Barden is the infield’s version of Pagnozzi. Good camp glove but no chance to go any further north than Memphis unless there’s an injury.

Is Motte the closer this year?

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