Saturday tidbits: Picher in the 9 spot

* There’s at least one Cardinals blogger out there who may be sad today, because the pitcher is hitting ninth today. And it’s likely not to be just a one-day thing. Basically, TLR’s rationale is there’s no natural 9 hitter except Rasmus today, and he really wanted Rasmus in the 2 spot. There will be days this year when there’s no good fit for the 9 spot, and it sounds like on those days, the pitcher will move back to 9.

* David Freese is on the trip, starting at third base and has two hits today. He’s fielded one grounder and couldn’t grab one sharply-hit ball (no fault — it was a clean hit, tough play). It seems to me that his chances are getting better. The 3B issue is not over.

* Extra players on the trip: Freese, Shane Robinson (whom TLR spoke highly of today; likes his swing), Casey Rowlett, Colt Sedbrook, Sam Freeman, Tyler Norrick, Hyang-Nam Choi, Marco Gonzalez and Casey Mulligan.

Today’s playlist:
Depeche Mode, “Everything Counts”
Camouflage, “Love Is a Shield”
Electronic: “Feel Every Beat”
The Postal Service: “We Will Become Silhouettes”
LCD Soundsystem: “North American Scum”



Matt, thanks for the updates. What the heck is going on with K-Mac? How safe is his roster spot? He hasn’t seemed right since the end of last season. Any inside info?

Writing something on him today. It’s gone on long enough that it’s at least worth noting.


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