Last-minute lineup change: Mather in, Rasmus out

Shortly before game time today, the Cardinals announced that they have made a lineup change. Joe Mather is in the lineup, and Colby Rasmus is out, and several players were shifted around to different spots in the batting order.

According to the club, it has nothing to do with any physical issues. Instead, it has to do with a rainout yesterday altering the Orioles’ plans. La Russa believed that the O’s were starting a right-hander. When he found out it was instead lefty Mark Hendrickson, he made the switch.

The new lineup:

1. Schumaker 2B — 2.Mather LF — 3.Pujols 1B — 4. Ludwick RF — 5.KGreene SS — 6.Ankiel CF — 7.Molina C — 8.Freese 3B — 9.Wellemeyer P



I think I played on a softball team a couple of years ago that could beat this line up. Are there any trades in the future that could make us competitive? I’d hate to think the entire year will be an embarrassment, but it is shaping up that way. Oh, well at least the Pirates can be counted on to suck worse.

Uh, you’re kidding, right? Compared to last year’s lineup, which finished fourth in the NL in runs scored, today’s lineup is better at two positions (second base and shortstop), and a little worse at two (3rd base and LF).

There are reasons to be concerned about this team — starting rotation health, the ninth inning, infield defense — but the lineup? An embarrassment? Seriously? We must be looking at very different things.


Sanguineblue, the Cardinals lineup is so ‘bad’ that when 3B Troy Glaus (27 HR, 99 RBI) returns from injury, he may have nowhere in the lineup to hit but 6th, and the .304-hitting C Molina may end up hitting 8th with the pitcher batting 9th. How sad. Not!

How come this guy Jon Jay is getting so many at bats this spring? Nothing is being written about him. Is he just ‘getting experience’? Allen Craig has been hitting well all spring. Does he lack the defensive skills to be considered this year?

Sanguineblue is crazy….every one of those guys in the lineup has a good chance to hit double digit home runs…that’s why Tony is moving the pitcher back to the 9th spot because we have so many good hitters…look at the spring training stats dude….

Why not lead Pujols off and hit the pitcher 7th, or is this line up so good we don’t need Tony’s special tricks?

K Greene may be an upgrade but he will have to hit from second base to hit a home run. Let’s face it, we are one blown out knee from becoming the Royals win.

yea, this lineup is loads better than last years. I would rather have Skip at 2B and Greene at SS than almost for sure outs Izturis and Miles in those spots.

Whatever works works. Will this work? I hope. I really hope. Good news on Carp though.

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