Sunday morning tidbits and lineup: Freese is back

* The Cardinals recalled David Freese from Minor League camp on Sunday. He’s starting at third base in the Sunday afternoon game against the Orioles. Freese had been sent down so that he could concentrate on recuperating from a left Achilles’ tendon injury that he sustained during the offseason.

* The pitcher is once again in the 9 spot for the Cardinals today.

* Lineup: 1.Schumaker 2B — 2.Rasmus LF — 3.Pujols 1B — 4.Ankiel CF — 5.Ludwick RF — 6.K.Greene SS — 7.Molina C — 8.Freese 3B — 9.Wellemeyer P

More extended tidbits coming later today.



Good morning Mr. Leach…with our long inning relief righties not doing so hot what do you think the odds are of Blake Hawksworth making the bullpen if any?


Ryan N. – St. Louis, MO

Just about zero. They’re trying to fit six guys into five spots as it is.


True true….I haven’t been able to watch many spring games….hows Fernando Salas looking? His stats look alright and he has some impressive minor league stats….

And could you see this team winning 100 games if they stay healthy?…this team looks great to me and possibly in the best shape its been since 2004 or 2005…

Thanks again Mr. Leach.

Salas isn’t really here to compete for a spot. They usually keep a guy in camp as basically a protection guy, somebody who can soak up some innings in an emergency. He’s that guy this year.

I think 100 is a serious reach. Right now I have them second in the division, improved from last year, maybe 87-89 wins? Pending health of course.


Reading between the lines, this looks as though there is doubt as to whether Joe Mather can hack it at third. That’s odd. I thought that conversion had been considered to be going well. Mather hasn’t been hitting as well as a third baseman should, but will Freese be an upgrade in that regard?

Another possible interpretation is that the PTBNL in the K. Greene deal is about to be named, and will affect the 3B derby. Any news on that front, M?

It’s not about the glove. It’s that he’s not hitting. And it’s that they always wanted Freese to be part of the mix, but he couldn’t because he was hurt.


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