Monday camp tidbits: Waiting for Dennys

Plenty of stuff going on in camp today…

* Dennys Reyes has arrived. He has a uniform number (36) and a locker. He was initially expected to throw a bullpen this morning, but his physical had not been completed at that point. He got up briefly in the stadium bullpen just a few minutes ago.

* Chris Perez threw a bullpen session this morning with no apparent complications. Planning to have something on the site about it later today.

* TLR said that Troy Glaus’ recovery has slowed a bit — not a setback, but a plateau — and that the idea of Glaus getting in any Grapefruit League games is now unrealistic.

* The Cardinals released five Minor League players today: Joe Rogers, Isa Garcia, Christian Rosa, Nick Vera and Miguel Flores.

* As has already appeared on the site, Luke Gregerson was announced as the PTBNL in the Khalil Greene trade.

Today’s playlist, all Metallica in honor of the return of XM Mandatory Metallica:
“Disposable Heroes”
“Harvester of Sorrow”
“Broken, Beat and Scarred”
“Turn the Page”
“Damage, Inc.”



Hello Mr. Leach,

With the TLR sounding like he’s going with 12 pitchers what do you think the chances are of Brian Barden making the team since Tyler Greene was sent down? I really don’t see anyone else out there to take the last spot except him….

Hello again Mr. Leach,

Question #2:

This P.J. Walters kid seems to have some talent judging from him minor league stats:

Seems like he’s having a decent spring…How’s he look and what are the possibilites of him being an emergency starter call up?

Thanks again.

Ryan N. – St. Louis, MO

* I think Barden’s chances are very good, but not a guarantee. I may do a non-Friday roster projection soon, because things have clearly changed since the last one (you know, since I had Tyler Greene on there).

* Walters would be on the list. He’s done some good things. But I wouldn’t overstate his chances at anything more than a one-and-done kind of thing this year.


Boy was I off base on this title. I thought you were in a restaurant waiting for the check, Service at Dennys is notoriously slow.
Sorry to hear about Troy’s amputation, I think the cubs have a catcher who did the same thing on a table saw a few years ago, and is back playing again. Hopefully Glaus will have the same luck.

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