Wednesday camp tidbits: Reyes, Perez good to go

T-minus eight days before breaking camp, and things are definitely coming into focus.

* Today’s lineup looks an awful lot like what we can probably expect to see against right-handed starters in the regular season. 1.Schumaker 2B — 2.Ankiel CF — 3.Pujols 1B — 4.Duncan LF — 5.Ludwick RF — 6.Greene SS — 7.Molina C — 8. Freese 3B — 9.Pineiro P

* Which brings us to the next tidbit, this weekend’s plan. The Cardinals will send a representative lineup to Fort Myers on Friday for the game against the Red Sox — basically today’s lineup plus, probably, Colby Rasmus as the DH. Those guys will stay in Fort Myers, work out on Saturday and make up the bulk of Sunday’s lineup against the Twins.

* Dennys Reyes and Chris Perez have both been cleared to pitch and both are expected to be available for today’s game. From here to the end of spring, most pitchers will be used just as they would in regular-season game situations. However, that may be a little different at first for Reyes. Because he has pitched so little this spring, they may use him for a full inning at a time at first, rather than just for a batter or two.

* The mailbag is not completely dead, though it’s going to happen less often and it has a new name: Inbox. If you’d like to submit a question for the next inbox, fire it at me by using this link. If enough questions are submitted today, I might even write one today.

Today’s playlist:
REM: “I Believe”
Modest Mouse: “We’ve Got Everything”
Muse: “Knights of Cydonia”
Black Crowes: “My Morning Song”
Mike Doughty: “27 Jennifers”



I’m feeling better about this team. Look forward to seeing Dennys (“pronounced like the restaurant”) Reyes get some action on the hill.

Mr. Leach…I’m respecting you more and more everyday….you listen to Modest Mouse!! Good stuff…do you listen to their older stuff?

The Mets Perez isn’t looking very good after today’s outling.

Absolutely… been a fan for a long time, “Lonesome Crowded West” is my favorite, as the song that made me a fan was “Polar Opposites.” Actually saw them in a bar once back when I lived in Seattle.


Yeah…I can definetly see Seattle as a big fan of MM….I love the old stuff too….I thought they might be a one and done type band but there new stuff is amazing…Their new guitarist is something else…I especially like the dark stuff:

We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank:

March Into The Sea
Parting Of The Sensory
Fly Trapped In A Jar

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