Sunday camp tidbits: Time for a game

Hello from gray, humid Fort Myers, where it does appear we’re finally going to get a game in.

* Joe Mather was initially written in as the leadoff hitter and designated hitter today, but he and Schumaker have been flipped — Schu first and Mather 9th. TLR said before the game that wanted to make sure to get Mather some extra at-bats, and no official explanation yet as to the flip-flop. Mather’s slump is definitely an area of concern at this point.

* The Twins made a couple of last-minute scratches from their lineup, resulting from the long delay and wet field. Cards, however, made no adjustments to WHO was playing — just the order. And honestly the field does not look very bad. Overheard someone saying this is a very well-regarded grounds crew.

* The crowd here at Hammond Stadium appears to be more than half Cardinals fans.

* Believe it or not, there are only two decisions to be made on the roster. Matt Pagnozzi won’t make the team, and aside from him, there are only 27 other healthy players in camp. It’s basically down to which RH reliever gets sent out, and which utility-type gets sent out.

Today’s playlist:
Pearl Jam: “In Hiding”
Drive-By Truckers: “A Ghost to Most”
Elvis Costello: “Sulky Girl”
U2: “Numb”
Aimee Mann: “Wise Up”




Which two Cardinals are still in camp that are not on your latest roster projection?


Barden and Perez are the two guys I didn’t put on my last one. But I’m beginning to think they may both be on.


Hey Matt (Is it ok for me to call you that).
How are you felling about lately. We’ve lost 5 straight, bad, or just spring?

And do you think all the position battles won’t be decided until late, like last days, or hours?

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