Tuesday camp tidbits: Acknowledging the obvious

Hello from warm, muggy Fort Lauderdale.

* TLR finally acknowledged what we have all known for quite some time now: Adam Wainwright will start Opening Day, and the current rotation order is how they will go into the season. Wainwright-Lohse-Wellemeyer-Carpenter-Pineiro.

* Yadier Molina is batting second today and serving as the designated hitter. The plan for the final few days down here is to start LaRue and have Molina come off the bench to catch the relievers, since he hasn’t worked with them much at all this spring.

* Khalil Greene and Albert Pujols stayed back in Jupiter, getting a “half and half” day per TLR — they were to take a lot of swings this morning, then have the afternoon off. Every other healthy player is on the trip, including the starting pitchers. However, the hope was that the Cardinals could work out on the fields here, but that was scratched when Baltimore didn’t get in until very late after a night game last night. The O’s thus started late, and the Cardinals had to settle for extra time on the main field.

* Got a story coming later today on Jason Motte and the closing situation. TLR expressly refused to acknowledge Motte as even the primary guy, never mind the only guy. But he said that to some extent, the competition is ongoing, and someone could seize it during the year.

Today’s playlist:
Hum: “Stars”
Red Hot Chili Peppers: “Don’t Forget Me”
Spoon: “The Underdog”
Talking Heads: “Blind”
Pearl Jam: “Yellow Ledbetter”



Got an idea on opening day line up because I believe the Pirates are putting a lefty on the mound:
Skip 2B
Ludwick RF
Pujols 1B
Ankiel CF
Mather LF
Greene SS
Yadier C
Waiwright P
Freese 3B

Is that about right M?

“someone could seize it during the year.” God I hope so.

Considering TLRs habit of playing the odds I’m not too sure he would start Skip against a lefty. Maybe Barden or Ryan depending on who makes the cut. But then who is leadoff?

I was kind of thinking that there really isn’t a great lead off hitter besides him, and TLR will want to get him as much infield game time as possible early in the season. Especially with Wano pitching. There should be a good number of ground balls. IDK… All speculation.

Wednesday afternoon…McClellan is still struggling, just gave up a 2 run HR. Will he still be locked into a slot on the opening day roster?

Nice to see Dunc, Ankiel starting to hit HRs again.

McClellan is on. Pitching staff is set.

It’s possible TLR could put Rasmus in to lead off if the Pirates put a lefty on the mound. I know Rasmus is a lefty, too, but he doesn’t have significant problems hitting LHP, does he? I’ve heard that some in the organization have projected Rasmus in the lead-off spot at some point.

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