Sunday workout tidbits

* The Opening Day lineup, which I posted a few minutes ago, is as follows against LHP Paul Maholm: 1.Ryan 2B — 2.Ankiel CF — 3.Pujols 1B — 4.Greene SS — 5.Ludwick RF — 6.Molina C — 7.Duncan LF — 8.Barden 3B — 9.Wainwright P.

* The Cardinals officially finalized their roster on Sunday, purchasing the contracts of three players: Colby Rasmus, David Freese and Joe Thurston

* Luis Perdomo was cut by the Giants, but will need to clear waivers before the Cardinals can claim him. Per Mozeliak, “Obviously if he clears, we’ll take him back.”

* Tomorrow’s weather does in fact look nasty, but per TLR and Mozeliak, they do expect it to be dry enough to play. Both also confirmed that if there is a postponement, Tuesday would be a split doubleheader.

* Welcome B.J. Rains, who will serve as my associate reporter this year. He already contributed by covering the weekend series in Memphis, and I expect him to do an excellent job.

* And a reminder to follow my updates on Twitter, where my handle is MatthewHLeach.



obviously TLR knows what hes doing with his lineup, as he has shown year after year, time after time……..have faith, the season is long…give the young guys time to step up, maybe everything will come together for this club around may or june……

Used the lineup info in my podcast. Great job as always! Keep up the good work and let me know if and when you get to check out the podcast. I’ll be interviewing Doug Feldmann; whose book St. Louis Cardinals Past and Present will be in the stores on 4/13. Hope you get to listen or even call in as it will be a live show. Details on my podcast and website.

Sometimes, I think TLR can overthink things–last year, Ludwick had a career year hitting behind Albert and no doubt provided some extra support for Albert’s big year too. Why would you not stay with what has been a proven winning combo and dress up around them? TLR gets paid to do it and I don’t, so that’s likely what my opinion is worth–always believed that if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it…especially when it works.

Just got up, so this is my first dumb question of the day! What is the significance of the Cards having to purchase the contracts of Rasmus, Thurston, etc? Is a formality, like they buy the contract for $1 or is there real money involved?

Closing troubles again?!!!!!!!!! I guess that is to be expected. I just dont want that to be the story again this year. Last year would have been a completly different year had we had a closer to speak of.

And so it begins. One game into the season and the BP has already got a blown save. Of course the walks earlier in the game didn’t help. Not a very hopeful start!

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