Thursday afternoon tidbits

As expected, a very busy day at Wrigley today. Fortunately, it’s a gorgeous day, after they got some miserable weather earlier this week (and, I hear, we may get some of that before the weekend is out).

* According to TLR, Chris Carpenter underwent an MRI around midday today. We’re still waiting to hear what exactly the club found out. There may or may not be an official announcement regarding his condition, but I expect to have some sort of story on it before the day is out.

* Chris Perez is unavailable in the bullpen today, and at least a couple of other pitchers, they’d rather not use. Kyle McClellan, Josh Kinney and Jason Motte all count as break-glass-in-case-of-emergency pitchers. They could appear, but the preference would be to avoid them. Franklin, Boggs and the lefties are the main men.

* P.J. Walters will be added to the roster tomorrow, but it’s undetermined what they’ll do to get him on. If Boggs pitches extensively today, he might be the guy. They could also go to 13 pitchers for a time.

* Members of the band Tesla dropped by to see the club today. They’re playing a few shows in the area this weekend.

* At least 7-8 Cardinals had a long chat on the field with Aaron Miles before today’s game. Whatever one may think of him as a ballplayer — and it’s pretty much a dead horse around here — there’s never been any denying that he’s a terrific teammate.

Today’s playlist, a Chicago special:
Muddy Waters: “Mannish Boy”
Buddy Guy: “Damn Right I’ve Got the Blues”
Howlin’ Wolf: “Spoonful”
Bo Diddley: “Who Do You Love”
Chuck Berry: “Maybellene” (Yeah, he’s from StL, but he recorded for Chess)



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Too funny…when you twittered about Tesla coming by yesterday I assumed it was the car company and not the has-been band! Considering TLR, I shouldn’t have been thinking so progressive.🙂

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