Thursday lineup, Friday starter

Greetings from a spectacular day at Wrigley Field.

For those who haven’t heard, tomorrow’s starter will be P.J. Walters. He’ll be called up from Memphis in time for the game.

Today’s lineup vs LHP Sean Marshall:
1. Ryan 2B
2. Ankiel CF
3. Pujols 1B
4. Ludwick RF
5. Molina C
6. Duncan LF
7. Greene SS
8. Barden 3B
9. Wainwright P

More tidbits to come as the day goes on. Maybe even a Lucky Seven!



I’m on my way there! Can’t wait to take it in myself. Best part of this lineup is the speedy speedster Yadier Molina batting in the five hole. I’ll be sporting my treasured Molina jersey amongst the bleacher bums. Thank the gods for baseball!

Matt, Noticed Ludwick has sat out about 3 games. Why? He is having a good start. Is he in the dog house? He wants to play everyday. Won’t this semi-platoon system make him more likely to test free agency in off-season?

With PJ starting Friday, what is the expected roster move to make room him?

Is something wrong with Kyle Lohse? I thought he was due to follow Wainwright on Friday.

They’re giving Lohse and Wellemeyer the extra day of rest, with the added benefit of starting Walters on Friday instead of the ESPN Sunday night game.


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