Saturday tidbits: Tough spot for Freese

It’s warm, gray and hazy at Wrigley today. Sounds like the rain may be rolling in by early evening.

* TLR acknowledged that the current situation with David Freese is not a good one. He’s pretty clearly third on the depth chart, and he needs at-bats.

“You’ve just got to take what’s happening,” La Russa said, “and right now what’s happening is, how do you keep Barden out of there? And I’m not playing Thurston today. It’s good for us, but it’s not good for David because David needs to play. And he’s played all right when he’s played. So it’s pretty tough.”

Can’t help wondering if the time might be near for someone like Tyler Greene, though that’d be a strange move for a team already teeming with utility infielders. If Mather had gotten sorted out, there might be a great opportunity for him — but he’s 2-for-26.

* No issues with Pujols today. He’s fine and in the lineup a day after taking a pretty good lick above his left elbow on a pitch from Carlos Marmol.

* The rotation is set through Wednesday but no further. It will be Pineiro on Tuesday and Wainwright on Wednesday, with TBA listed for Thursday. They have three main choices: 1, start P.J. Walters; 2, start Mitchell Boggs; 3, start Lohse on regular rest and save one of the youngsters for over the weekend against the Cubs, rather than against the lefty-heavy Mets lineup.

Whichever day next goes to the fifth starter, it sounds like Boggs may have as much shot at that start as Walters. TLR definitely had good things to say about Boggs today.

Either way, though, they’re both still on the roster, and that’s noteworthy. And if they wait until Saturday to use one of them for a start, then they’re both available for relief work during the Mets series.

* Brad Thompson started at Memphis last night and did a nice job. His line: 5 innings, 2 hits, 1 run, 0 walks, 3 strikeouts. He’ll start down there for the time being.

* As I hinted at above, rain is coming in tonight and it sounds like tomorrow could be a bad day to try to play a baseball game. According to, the forecast calls for a 60 percent chance of rain at pretty much every hour tomorrow, including the game window of 7 pm CT through midnight. Ugh.

Today’s playlist, a look back at your faithful correspondent’s senior year in high school:
Beastie Boys, “Jimmy James”
Red Hot Chili Peppers, “The Greeting Song”
U2: “The Fly”
Electronic: “Getting Away With It”
The Cure: “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea”



M.- First of all, great job, I love the blog. Here’s what’s bothering me, maybe you can straighten me out. Why all the shuffling of pitchers between here and Memphis? I thought Thompson had been doing well and was supposed to be the long relief guy that could make spot starts in case of things like the Carp injury. So why all the shuffling and Thompson starting down there and the rookie up here? Just confusing to me.

I am impressed with the younger Cardinals this season so far. I admit that i hate LaRussa’s “juggling” the line-up so much – stick with one and run with it – please. Ankiel looks awful to this point – give Rasmus an everyday chance – last but not least – BULLPEN !!!! everyone has pounded their fists all winter about the bullpen – and they are correct – this is a really good club – the bullpen will kill them. 4 games already. the Cubs are not THAT good.

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