Rotation for the coming week

Tuesday vs. Mets: Wellemeyer
Wednesday vs Mets: Pineiro
Thursday vs Mets: Lohse
Friday vs Cubs: Wainwright
Saturday vs Cubs: TBA
Sunday vs Cubs: Wellemeyer



Was Tony LaRussa ever asked why he didn’t try to bunt with nobody out and runners on 1st and 2nd saturday with Joe Thurston up to bat?

Yes. Because it was Molina on second. Would have taken a perfect bunt for him not to be thrown out.


thanks, makes sense i guess

So NOW Mo is seeing that we need more for our bullpen and he trades for a guy that was horrible for the 2nd half of last year and so far this year…yet another interesting move to shore up a still less then stellar bullpen. Our team really looks good I hope this isn’t the achilles heal all year again.

No question we can score runs… in droves. Rotation looks solid too. Can’t ask for much better, right? Bullpen is the key. I hope my nightly offerings to the baseball gods are received, noted and rewarded.

Is Boyer going to Memphis to learn to pitch before displacing someone on the active roster? How much longer is Ankiel going to start regularly if he remains unproductive? Rasmus is not exactly leading the league, but still shows promise and hits well enough to play.

Maybe it’s frustration on my part, but what’s the deal with Carpenter?? I’m confident that he won’t be in a Cardinal uniform after this year. A lot of these players today couldn’t handle old school baseball, by that I mean 80’s and prior. I just don’t get Carpenter, he’s not the first player to injure a rib cage muscle, but we’re looking at 2 months to return, I just don’t get it! What’s the matter with Icy Hot or Sportscreme?


This is not an injury people come back quickly from. Remember Woody Williams?

This is a very painful injury to a part of the body that plays a part in everything you do.



Yes, I’m being serious. Every year it’s something with this guy. He’s a tremendous player when he’s healthy, but this is the third year straight of him going down. I can’t see the Cardinals organization re-signing him, especially the way they do things monetarily.

I think you’re greatly underestimating what he’s dealing with. It’s a major problem for any baseball player, hitter or pitcher. Pujols is the only guy I’ve ever seen come back quickly from it, and A) he has freakish healing powers, and B) it was less severe than what Carpenter sustained.

To suggest that it’s a sign of fragility/weakness/whatever for a guy to take a while to come back from an oblique strain is, IMO, simply unfair and inaccurate.



Let me feel you out then, say you are the GM and you have first and final say on what FA’s get re-signed at the end of the year. You come to a Carpenter who’s an excellent pitcher, but due to health reasons hasn’t played a full season in three years. Do you try to re-sign him at…
A) A Ace of the rotation salary
B) A #5 caliber type pitcher
C) Let him go.
A lot of people believe when Jocketty re-signed him on his own that is the reason why Jocketty is no longer in St. Louis now. I guess the point I’m getting at is in my belief you’re not getting your money’s worth out of him. I’m not saying that Carpenter is purposely hurting himself and just drawing a paycheck, but rather it’s time to move on after this season.
Yeah, I feel 2 mos. is incredibly too long to come back from a injury like this. Between the arm and shoulder injuries from the 2 prior years when does it end? I’m no medical doctor by any means, but the term injury prone comes to mind.

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