Tuesday tidbits: Carp still sore, Boyer unavailable

It’s truly a lovely night here at Busch Stadium, still a bit chilly but evidently by week’s end we’ll be in for some actual spring weather. However, keeping the windows closed for one more night.

* Chris Carpenter said his strained left oblique is definitely getting better, but is just as definitely not to the point where he can begin anything baseball-related. He said he was given a timeline of about 30 days for typical recovery — he wasn’t sure of 30 days till WHAT, but I can’t imagine that means 30 days till he’s actually in games. All he’s able to do, exercise-wise, right now is ride a stationary bike and undergo arm exercises on the training table.

* Blaine Boyer is not available tonight — except, I guess, in case of emergency. That’s because he threw a bullpen this afternoon so they could take a look at what they had. The thinking is that, with 8 relievers and two days off, they could spare one guy for one day in order to check him out in a side session.

* Mitchell Boggs is scheduled to be the starter on Saturday against the Cubs. He and P.J. Walters are both available in relief tonight, though after that, Boggs will be on a starter’s preparation schedule. Part of the reasoning is that there’s some concern as to whether Boggs can get warmed up in time to pitch out of the bullpen, so they felt Walters was the better fit to relieve.
But don’t forget, coming into the year, Boggs was ahead of Walters on the depth chart. He was set back due to his injury in the spring.

* Adam Wainwright will likely get some pinch-hitting opportunities due to the shortened bench. The Cardinals are carrying 13 pitchers, leaving only four bench players. I’m not a fan of that kind of configuration, but it sounds like they’ll stay that way for more than a day or two.

Today’s playlist:
New Order, “Face Up” (great, great forgotten song)
Pearl Jam, “In Hiding”
Stone Roses, “Elephant Stone”
Sugar, “If I Can’t Change Your Mind”
Oasis, “Live Forever”

(why yes, I am 34, why do you ask?)



Great win last night. Waino pinch-hitting? Not quite the Jason Marquis or Carlos Zambrano with the stick, but hey, gotta make it work, right? I’m excited about the rest of this week… Mets, Cubs… wow! Let’s win ’em all!

i thought carp had a torn oblique, not a strain. after carp getting hurt i wish that they wouldn’t use anymore staring pitchers to pinch hit, unless it’s to bunt.i would rather that they send a pitcher down to trip. a, and bring a postion player up. good job last night. just keep pluging away men.

Different words for the same thing. A strain is a tear is a strain.

But yea, it’s a fair point. I mentioned the same thing to some people in the press box last night. It’s definitely a bit disconcerting to use one of your top two starters to hit when the other of your top two starters got hurt hitting. Like I wrote, I’m no fan at all of going with 13 pitchers, and that’s just one reason why.


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