Wednesday evening tidbits: No Boyer, again

It is an absolutely perfect night at Busch Stadium, and for the first time this season, most of the windows in the press box are open.

* Blaine Boyer threw another bullpen for Dave Duncan today, so he’s unavailable again tonight. They’re giving him a long look to see what he’s got. I’m becoming very interested in what they think is possible here.

* Tonight’s outfield is Duncan-Ankiel-Rasmus, and TLR knew he was going to take some grief for it. Here’s his comment: “Colby hasn’t played in three days, and he needs to be in there. Maine, he’s tough against everybody. And I told Luddy, and I’m sure this is something some of our fans are going to have fun with, he’s got the next four this week. So he’ll play five of the six.”

* Joe Buck was on the field shooting some sort of video this afternoon, taking swings off of Mitchell Boggs while Boggs threw his bullpen, and pitching to Ludwick.

Tonight’s playlist is all Depeche Mode, in honor of their new album that came out today (which I hope to procure tomorrow, or Friday at the latest).

“Everything Counts”
“But Not Tonight”
“Enjoy the Silence”
“In Your Room”

For another playlist, please head over to the outstanding later this evening, where I’ll be guest-playlisting on the blog of a friend of mine who is at least as crazy about both baseball and music as I am (and that’s saying an awful lot).



I think Ankiel should take a rest – make it Duncan, Rasmus, Ludwick – there is no reason to keep Ludwick out of the lineup.

“becoming very interested in what they think is possible.” What exactly do you mean by that? Are you talking about what his role might be, as in middle reliever, starter, closer? Or where they view his talent level? Could this be another one of those Duncan experiment cases? I’m curious about what you are thinking here.

Whatever the case is with Boyer, it’ll be interesting.


Strange highs and strange lows.

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