Wednesday lineup

Blaine Boyer is again unavailable because he threw another bullpen before the game for Dave Duncan.

Today’s lineup vs RHP John Maine:
1. Schumaker 2B
2. Rasmus RF
3. Pujols 1B
4. Duncan LF
5. Ankiel CF
6. Molina C
7. Greene SS
8. Thurston 3B
9. Pineiro P

Let the howling begin. However, TLR did say that Ludwick will play all of the next four games.



HOWL!!! Hope no fly balls are hit to left. Dunc is made for the DH role. But as long as he makes some noise with the bat, I’m gonna rally behind his sub-par defense and pray Pineiro can go all nine.

I think it’s fair to say he’s the better of the two left fielders starting tonight’s game.


Ludwick should play everyday except for the typical number of days off IMO….

Rock On people…..

I’m not going to howl. It’s a rare luxury to have four solid outfielders (and Ank may be in a slump, but he’s still solid in the long run) to spread the time out, generate rest days, etc. The missed at-bats for a red-hot player now will come in handy in September — and hopefully October.

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