Lohse does not expect to miss a start

Kyle Lohse does not expect to miss a start in the wake of a right knee injury he sustained during his start on Thursday against the Mets.

Lohse underwent an MRI exam on Thursday night, and the scan revealed no structural damage to the joint. He has some swelling and fluid in his knee, and acknowledged some soreness on Friday, but nonetheless believes he will be clear to pitch on Tuesday in Atlanta. The right-hander hurt his knee when he stopped awkwardly while trying to field a ground ball in the fifth inning on Thursday.

“Structurally, everything’s good,” Lohse said. “The ligaments, cartilage and everything looks like it’s supposed to. When I stopped like that, I put too much pressure behind the patella and all the joint. So I’ve got a little bit of swelling and fluid in there, and we’ve got to get that out. I’m going to be sore, but I can deal with that as long as it not structurally messed up.”

Lohse planned to play catch on Friday and hoped to be able to test his knee with a bullpen session on Saturday.

“As long as I can push off like I need to, I’m not going to hurt my arm trying to pitch through something like that,” he said. “I talked to the trainers and they’re going to let me go throw, do my normal throwing stuff.”

Of greater concern than the knee itself is the possibility that Lohse might alter his throwing motion as a result of knee discomfort, which could lead to an arm injury. That’s one thing that will be watched closely when and if he throws his side session on Saturday.

“If I’m favoring it, not able to push off it in the same way, then I’m probably going to end up with an arm injury after that,” he said. “So I’ve got to be careful with it and look at the big picture, but the way it is right now, I think I should be all right.”


That is all.

Good news. He seems to go out there with a lot of confidence these days. We need him.

Thank you Lord! ! !

Rock on folks. . . .

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