Monday evening tidbits: Greene gets a rest

It’s an absolutely perfect night for ball at Turner Field. Warm greetings from the city where I first saw Major League Baseball, way way back in the early 1980s.

* Khalil Greene gets a breather tonight in favor of Brendan Ryan. TLR pointed to Greene’s subpar career numbers at Turner Field (6-for-46 lifetime) as the main reason. He basically said that Greene was going to get a day at SOME point in this 20-straight-games stretch, so this was the one that made sense. I’m not a big believer in a number like that, but I’m not the manager. And it makes some sense to try to get Ryan in the lineup, since he’s playing very well.

* Pujols said he never gets tired of winning Player of the Week, and that in fact he still has all the watches he’s received for winning the award.

* Of more note, he said he had no issues with the way the Cubs handled things yesterday, as far as hitting him after Soriano was hit.

* TLR said they’ll be sticking with 13 pitchers for a while, had no complaints with how it’s been working out. He doesn’t feel that anybody’s gotten stale as a result of the arrangement.

Today’s playlist all comes from XM First Wave, which I listened to during my flight on AirTran today. Never flew them before. Haven’t gotten home yet, so I will reserve SOME judgment, but after one-half of a trip, I think I’d fly them again.

Sisters of Mercy: “This Corrosion”
O.M.D.: “So In Love”
Yaz: “Situation”
Midnight Oil: “Forgotten Years”
Human League: “(Keep Feeling) Fascination”



This is completely off the topic, but I need an answer. Yesterday the Cardinals had that thing where a child go out to each position and waits for the respective cardinal player to go out at the start of the game. The player then chats with the kid and autographs something. Well, Rick Ankiel never got out there till after the Anthem and the kid that was at his position, by then, went over to Colby in left and got something signed. This girl just stood out there bewildered. My fiancee was very upset about this. Where in the heck was Rick during this time?

Solid performance last night. Hopefully the defense uses last night as the basis for future play… not the error-prone ways prior to that.

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