Tuesday lineup: Barden leads off

We have a few clouds but it’s another gorgeous day at at Turner Field.

Today’s lineup vs. LHP Jo-Jo Reyes:
1. Barden 3B
2. Rasmus CF
3. Pujols 1B
4. Ludwick RF
5. Molina C
6. Duncan LF
7. Greene SS
8. Ryan 2B
9. Lohse RHP



Barden leading off… hmm. Interesting. I’d like to see Colby there but TLR’s the manager for a reason. Let’s go CARDS!

TLR likes some power in the second spot, thus Rasmus.

We have a few clouds but it’s another gorgeous day at at Turner Field. ———————-
Bah, lucky for some!

With Ankiel hotting up and Lud-man hitting a bit of a snag (5-25 in the last 7 days, with no homers), might’ve liked to see Ank out somewhere. It seems to be a very strange situation with Greene, his bat is consistently mediocre batting .230 with a couple of HRs and a handful of RBIs. Whilst his defence is very sketchy. Ryan, meanwhile is inconsistent with the bat but seems to have some very good defence, we seems to be in a spot of bother at SS. All the while being in great fortune to bear two rather unexpected blessings at 3B. Its a funny old game.
-English Redbird

Greene back in the lineup he better show us something!

Personally, I don’t care that much where Raz slots into the lineup, as long as he’s in there somewhere. This is one exciting kid and he needs PAs.
We’ll be watching Lohse like a hawk today….

Great start by Lohse! Not quite sure why Kyle was in there again for the 2nd straight night but I guess thats why I’m not the manager, another ho-hum performance by Greene. His California attitude and not seeming like he is hustling much is starting to get to me.

Lohse was under the weather tonight like alot of the other cardinals. I heard the clubhouse had the flu bug, could be why we had no offense tonight and still had a shot to win. Am I the only person who thinks khalil greene looks like he could care less out there? Im not giving up on greene but he does look LACODAZICLE.A I HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO SPELL THAT BIG WORD

4 blown saves this season already – BULLPEN, BULLPEN, BULLPEN, BULLPEN – pass it along to the management. Pretty sad – after a great pitching performance by Lohse.

M, Do you remember one of your lucky seven questions in the winter was, “Who will be the closer in 09?” I believe I was the only one to answer Ryan Franklin! Yay. Pat myself on the back for a good prediction. LOL! Looks like he may end up being our best option for now. Has anyone noticed what the O-Dog is doing in LA? We may be scoring runs right now, but I’ll bet you any amount of monay that it doesn’t keep up all year. I also believe that we missed the boat on trading Ludwick at his peak. He IS having another good start, something I doubted he could do to begin with. Well he proved me wrong, gladly, but I still believe the Cards should have traded him at what will likely be his highest value. But we’ll see. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong again. I wish we had traded him for pitching. Counting on Carp was highly risky from the start, and now Wellemeyer is not pitching well while Carp is out 8 weeks. UGH!!

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