Wednesday late-night tidbits

Wanted to make sure I checked in with you all before getting a few days off. I won’t be accompanying the team to DC, instead hooking back up with them at home on Monday.

* Brendan Ryan’s hamstring injury was right in the middle of the muscle, rather than up high as it initially appeared when he grabbed it. The initial estimate appears to be 5-7 days, but because of the short bench, the injury to Khalil Greene and Ryan Ludwick’s illness, they’re almost certainly going to make a move. And that move would most likely be to place Ryan on the DL and call up an infielder, with Tyler Greene making the most sense.

* Ludwick is day to day, it’s not really a big deal, but TLR said he may be held out of Thursday’s game.

* Al Hrabosky asked me to pass the following along. The Al Hrabosky House for the Charli Anna Foundation will be holding a Cardinals Alumni vs. Blues Alumni charity softball game on May 9 at TR Hughes Ballpark in O’Fallon, Mo. Among the players announced as participating are Hrabosky, Jack Clark, Whitey Herzog, Mike Matheny and Todd Worrell on the Cardinals side, and Kelly Chase, Scott Mellanby, Terrry Yake and Jim Campbell on the Blues side. Tickets are $10 ($15 day of event) and can be purchased at the River City Rascals website.

Today’s playlist comes from Athens, Ga., after I made a trip out there to visit an old friend. Excellent day, and of course excellent music.

B-52s, “Rock Lobster”
R.E.M., “Harborcoat”
Matthew Sweet, “Girlfriend”
Indigo Girls, “Land of Canaan”
Pylon, “Crazy”



With no disrespect intended for either Ryan or K. Greene, and definite regrets about how it’s coming about, I must say that it’ll be nice to see Tyler Greene finally get to the Show, if that’s the way the team goes. For me, one of the exciting things about 2008 was the number of rookies who finally got their chance. With some (Uncle Rico, Parisi, probably Stavinoha) it didn’t pan out, but with many others, it did. There seems to be less room for complete rookies on this year’s roster, due in no small part to the number who made it last year. Seeing one more make it despite this crowded roster must be encouraging to the guys at Memphis and Springfield.

I for one hope we don’t get a lot of chances to see Tyler Greene. I’d rather see Khalil Greene able to play and back out there ASAP. If he can play in the field, he is an integral part of this team’s offense, even with a low BA, because he’s been relatively productive in terms of runs scored and RBI. And Ryan has been playing so well, let’s all hope he’s back as soon as he’s eligible to return. I hope Tyler Greene gets his shot, just not this way and perhaps not this year.

Any word on whether or not they expect to get the games in on Saturday and Sunday? The forecast seems to show rain expected in DC the whole weekend–any idea on what the makeup options might be if one or both get postponed?

Having all these injuries is not all that great, but what is great is to have a well stocked farm system that can be called on in time of need. This keeps the Cards from having to trade away the future for some overpriced journeyman (other teams will ask an arm and a leg in a trade if they know you are hutring) replacement and have to keep him on the payroll all year,

Finally, Matthew we miss you when you are gone. We feed off the little day to day insider tidbits you give us from the dougout and other sources. Hurry back!!

Does anybody mind if I bring up an old topic? Hope not cause here I go. Does anyone still think the Rolen-Glaus trade was a good one? I never liked it, and many on here defended it. What I said all along was that Glaus was no less injury prone than Rolen, and Rolen is a much, much better defender. People came back at me with stats about how much time Rolen missed and how ineffective he was at the plate. They said Glaus would provide more offense. I said “for how long?” They said Glaus’ knee was his biggest issue and it was healed. Well now Rolen is healthy and playing quite well in Toronto, and Glaus is “out indefinitely” with A SHOULDER INJURY!! Same type of injury Rolen had. That trade was nothing more than a way to placate LaRussa’s ego, and we (the fans) got screwed!

I do. Rolen is one of my favorite guys I’ve ever covered, and when he was right, maybe my favorite guy to watch play.

But two things:

1, Even now, Glaus has played more games since the deal than Rolen has, with more HRs, a higher OBP and a higher SLG. That is, even after missing the first month of the season, he’s been more productive overall.

2, and this is the big one — the greatest advantage for the Cardinals in this deal is still intact. Glaus’ contract ends after this year. Rolen is signed through 2010, at another $11 million.

One of the major mandates of the 07-08 winter was to get out from under the onerous contracts of the Jocketty years. They got out from the Edmonds deal, and they shortened their commitment at 3B by a year.


Those are darn good points, Dude. That makes sense for a business. I have a hard time seeing it as anything but the game I love. I personally didn’t put much weight in Glaus’ numbers last season, because for one, we don’t know how long Glaus will be out or what Rolen will do in the meantime.
As for the contract stuff, I honestly just despise the idea of trading a guy for financial reasons. It’s not as if Cards fans DON’T nearly fill the stadium every game. I still think Rolen is the better player, and I consider the intangibles Rolen brought to his game to be invaluable…all out hustle, leading by example, A+ defense every night, and he seemed, at one time, to be the kind of guy that was a good influence in the clubhouse. I don’t know about Glaus’ clubhouse presence, though. Maybe you could shed some light on that, Dude. Also, Dude, I appreciate the chat. I’m bored as H at work today. Weekends suck in newsrooms.

Shaun, even as a purely baseball move, Matthew’s observations fly. Yes, Rolen is playing this season, and he’s hitting for a pretty good average, but still has only 2 HR’s and 9 RBI on the season. It’s certainly beginning to look as though he’ll never be the hitter he was before the shoulder injury. So as of this moment, I’d rather have either Thurston or Barden at third, and the combination is providing a whole lot more offense than Rolen would be if we still had him. So leaving the contract considerations aside, I still agree that this was a good trade.

So is Lohse really starting tonight? What was the reason to give K.M. the nod yesterday? I mean I am a Mclellan fan, but I still like Lohse starting a little better.


Rev. Paul, I guess that’s a matter of opinion. I would personally rather have Rolen than the Thurston/Barden combo. Those guys are doing decent right now, but Rolen is still better. Not only that but that wasn’t part of the trade, so those two don’t figure in to the discussion for me. They are the replacements for the replacement. I’d prefer to have Rolen taking ONE roster spot and the other could go to another position. Since Barden and Thurston both play multiple infield positions, they could still be the guys. I don’t agree with moving Schu to 2nd either, instead of trading for Orlando Hudson. Cheap moves. I can’t support them just because they help the owners bottom line. That’s just my view, though. I can understand why some would disagree.

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