Tuesday evening tidbits: Ank returns

* Rick Ankiel is back with the team, looking and sounding pretty good. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by his appearance/affect/etc when we spoke with him this afternoon. Still listed as day-to-day, for what that’s worth.

* Kyle Lohse feels some soreness in his left elbow but does not expect it will affect his schedule in any way. He’s on track to make his scheduled start against the Reds.

* Khalil Greene is just about ready. I’d guess he may start tomorrow.

* Brendan Ryan is able to participate in pretty much everything, and believes that if he weren’t on the DL, he’d be cleared to play any day now.

No playlist today; this thing is already way too late, and I don’t want to delay it any more. I’ll have one for you tomorrow.



M, I just read your story on Luddy. It the part where you were talking about the starters for today’s (Wed 5-6) game, you were talking about Duke vs the Brewers. Was that purposful? Sorry to post this here, but I was not going to post on the thread on the story as those tend to get a bit ridiculious. Thanks for the updates on Ank’s btw, I could’t stay up to watch all the post game on monday, so your’s was the first i saw that all was ok Tues morning.

Whew. Was pretty worried for a minute. Saw the broadcast last night and heard the good word from Al. Excellent news. There were a lot of prayers going out that night.

Yeah i saw the collision, it looked pretty scarry. But heearing that he told Dunc that he didnt think he was hurt bad only laying still to be cautious, was very smart on his part.

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