Wednesday evening tidbits: Carp closer to the mound

After a blah day in StL, the evening is looking quite lovely, I’m pleased to report. Today’s tidbits:

* Chris Carpenter threw long toss from a greater distance today and plans to throw off of a mound on Tuesday in Pittsburgh. It’s still undetermined whether he will go on a rehab assignment, and will hinge at least partly on how things go once he gets on the mound.

* Rick Ankiel remains unavailable but on the active roster. TLR said he’s “less sore in some places and more sore in others.” They still have not ruled out a DL stint but it’s clear they’d love to be able to avoid it. He did not take BP on the field today.

* Khalil Greene returns to the lineup, and TLR says he does not believe there are any restrictions on Greene.

* Joe Thurston gets the start at 2B over Skip Schumaker. Schumaker will start the next four games. Pirates starter Zach Duke has a reverse platoon split this year, once once Schumaker was out of the lineup, Thurston got the call instead of Tyler Greene to start at 2B.

* The pitcher is back to the 8th spot for today. The official explanation was that with Pujols’ history of success against the Pirates, having the extra hitter in front of him might reduce the chances he gets pitched around all the time.

* In case anyone was wondering, the emergency third catcher would likely be either Brian Barden or Thurston — not Jason Motte.

Today’s playlist:
Modest Mouse: “Bury Me With It”
Living Colour: “Ignorance Is Bliss” (been on a huge kick of these guys lately)
Smashing Pumpkins: “Cherub Rock”
Revenge: “Pineapple Face”
Nine Inch Nails: “Letting You”


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