Thursday afternoon tidbits: Ryan pushed back

A few notes before I shut down and take another weekend off. Resting up at home for the next four days, then back on for the series in Pittsburgh.

* Brendan Ryan was initially slated to begin a rehab assignment at Class A Quad Cities on Friday. However, he’s not quite fully recovered from a left hamstring strain, so they’re going to hold off a little bit.

“It’s crazy to send him out there to play under control because it won’t happen,” manager Tony La Russa said.

Ryan didn’t seem particularly discouraged. He rated himself at about 90 percent, and the expectation is that he’ll be good to go on a rehab on Monday or Tuesday. If it’s Tuesday, he’d likely go to Memphis, which begins a homestand on Tuesday.

“We’re just going off how I feel,” Ryan said. “I’m not at 100 percent yet. I’m about 90 percent, so there’s no reason to rush anything. We were under the assumption that that was going to work out and that was going to be the deal. But once I ran the bases, the field was a little bit wet, and you’ve got to be ready for anything. I just said I can’t go.”

* Albert Pujols was definitely sore after being hit in the left side of his back by a Ross Ohlendorf pitch, but said he didn’t expect to miss any time.

* Today was simply a day off for Yadier Molina. No injury or anything.

* I’m still sorting out what I and we know and what I think about Manny Ramirez, so if I weigh in, it’ll be at a later time/date.

Thursday’s playlist:
Bruce Springsteen: “She’s the One”
Better Than Ezra: “Desperately Wanting”
R.E.M.: “Crush With Eyeliner”
Cure: “Lovecats”
Depeche Mode: “Higher Love”



I look forward to your Manny thoughts. My favorite quote thus far was Albert’s.

Sorry if this is not the correct spot, couldn’t make the comment on the Wednesday entry. My comment is about “* In case anyone was wondering, the emergency third catcher would likely be either Brian Barden or Thurston — not Jason Motte.”

Wouldn’t that be interesting, if Motte were to be catching, and then they switched him to pitch? … and Motte is on his way to the mound for a word with the pitcher, no, wait a minute, he’s taken the ball and the pitcher is headed for the dugout!

Hello Mr. Leach,
Tough weekend in Cincy, but hopefully we’ll recover. I was just wondering if you would still do your mailbag on the Cards website. I love reading it every, what, week? I hope you will, and if you do when do you start?

Tanner W.
Cards fan, from baseball heaven USA

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