Thursday afternoon tidbits: Lohse feeling fine

It’s really a lovely evening here in Pittsburgh, which is a pleasant surprise after the afternoon was marked by dark, stormy-looking clouds. It appears that for the first time in 2009, the Cardinals will actually play the last scheduled game of a road trip (hi, Tunno!).

Here are the tidbits:

* Kyle Lohse said he’s doing just fine, and that nearly all of his various maladies are no longer bothering him. The only one that’s still an issue, he said, is that his left elbow is still a bit sore. But he threw a normal bullpen session this week and is on track for tomorrow’s game.

* TLR isn’t giving up what they’ll do with the rotation following Monday’s off day.

* Rick Ankiel is progressing well, according to the manager, and could get some at-bats in extended spring training games this weekend.

* As for the lineup, I asked TLR why he likes Shane Robinson in the 2 spot, and this was the answer: “He runs well. A lot of times he hits the ball from left-center over, which can give you first and third. He shoots that hole pretty well. Not going to say anything about the size of his target. I think he fits that spot pretty well. I thought yesterday he took some good whacks.”

There’s another factor as well, though: if, say, Rasmus hits second, that moves Robinson down to somewhere like the 6 spot. And TLR feels that Rasmus is a much better fit to hit sixth than Robinson. So it’s as much about that, it seems, as about who hits second.

* Brendan Ryan went 0-for-5 with two strikeouts in his second rehab game at Memphis last night.

No playlist for the moment, because this is already late getting out…



Ok Mr. Leach,
So after tonight’s game, I’m curious as to your lineup thoughts for the Brewers on Friday. Seems that for certain K. Greene will be back ***(Why?), so who plays 2nd? Shue or Thurston? My thinking is, w/ Rasmus, (who hit the ball well tonight only the HR to show, but he raked into some nice defensive plays by the Bucs), so that means that TLR will sit him for Stavinoha…. Where’s Barden? Him and Boggs must of really touched a nerve w/ TLR, again pulled 4 1/3, yet the Cards have won all his starts, high pitch count but how do you grade him out over a stint if you never let the kid pitch out of jams, he did it for 3 innings… Ok my lineup when healthy Ryan, Ankiel, and Ludwick back 2 weeks???

Shuemaker LF
Ankiel CF
Pujols 1B
Rasmus RF
Molina C
Barden 3B
T. Greene SS
B. Ryan 2B

That means Dunc , Ludwick, Thurston, LaRue, K. Greene on the bench, 12 man bullpen.
Stavinoha , Robinson, and Thompson go down, who’s the fourth to go??? Knowing TLR its T. Greene who needs to be here! I think Johnny Mo needs to package Dunc or Ludwick and K. Greene, maybe even Wellemeyer if you can, and get a 3 or 4 man for the rotation, or a high value prospect, who knows the Yankees need help and they need HR’s in that new park!!
Doesn’t make sense having Duncan and Ludwick because they are essentially the same person,high amount of K’s and average “D” in the OF. Ankiel K’s a ton already but is plus on the defensive side.
So what say you Mr. Leach,
By the way playlist needs some Everclear……

Whats the latest on Glaus?

I hated to see Boggs pulled in both those games he started, but the Cards desparately need wins right now and this is no time to blow a game by saving Boggs feelings. Look at another way, he is still in the starting rotation and while pulling him kept him from getting the win, it also kept him from getting the loss. Not perfect but not all bad, either. Kahlil is looking like the Kahlil of last year, not the year before. He looks lost at the plate. Tyler Greene is more of an offensive threat right now. If you are management, you hate to admit you were wrong by sitting KGreene, but it might get his attention if he rode the bench a couple of weeks. Last, the young Cards are really getting some Major League experience right now. While we wait anxiously for the return of the regulars, letting the young guys get a tast of the bigs is the silver lining.

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