Call for submissions!

I will be running a new Inbox (the artist formerly known as the Mailbag) on Monday. If you want to get a question in, submit it now using the link below. If you send an email directly, without using that link, I implore you to include the word “Mailbag” in the subject header. Otherwise it won’t make it in. If it doesn’t have that header, I assume it’s not for inclusion.

E-mail a question about the Cardinals



Are the Cardinals looking to do any trading for starting pitching this summer?
I know there had been some rumors of Jake Peavy earlier in the spring. He seems to be struggling to get run support in San Diego. Is there anyone in our farm system that would draw the attention of San Diego to trade with us??
Is there any chance of replacing one of our starters in season? Or are we looking at Carp, Lohse, Wainright, Welly and Pinero, with Boggs stepping in as a fill in for the remainder of the season??
Without saying names,(you should know who I’m talking about I would assume) one of our five starters will worry us the rest of the year for injuries and one has been somewhat of a liability lately. The other three have been very good at times, but are no where near aces in the NL Central. Seems like it would be great to sign another top tier starter if an opportunity becomes available…..

Go Cardinals!!!!!!!!

Just left a comment, forgot to use the words “Mailbag”.


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