Friday tidbits: Carp throws

Lots of stuff to get to today. And let’s hope we get to a game — skies are pretty threatening, and the radar looks absolutely awful.

* Chris Carpenter threw four simulated innings in the bullpen this afternoon. He’ll pitch again on Tuesday — likely a normal bullpen session. Then his next mound work would likely be Friday or Saturday of next week. And, yes, that could very well be in a Major League game at Busch Stadium.

* Mitchell Boggs was optioned to Triple-A today, and Brendan Ryan was reinstated from the DL.

* The Cardinals announced their rotation for next week’s series against the Cubs. It will be Pineiro on Tuesday, Lohse on Wednesday and Wainwright on Thursday. That leaves Wellemeyer to go either Friday or Saturday against Kansas City, and the other of those two days open — quite possibly for Carpenter.

* Khalil Greene gets another day off today, with Tyler Greene starting at shortstop. TLR had some pretty interesting things to say about K.Greene today. Asked if shortstop had become a “competitive situation” or if that was putting it too strongly, La Russa did not unequivocally say that K.Greene is his shortstop.

“The way that I look at the shortstop position is that Khalil has everything that you look for to be the everyday player there, when he’s himself,” La Russa said. “When he struggles, you don’t want to get him buried so much that he can’t get back out of it. you have alternatives. If you don’t have alternatives, sometimes you’re forced. But we have a couple now, with Brendan back, Tyler, Barden. Fit him in here and there and try to get him going.”

* Double-A right-hander Kenny Maiques was suspended 50 games for testing positive for “a drug of abuse.” Maiques was at one time one of the most exciting arms in the system, but he’s struggled mightily this year.

Today’s playlist features some nostalgia. I drove through the campus of Washington U. today, where it’s graduation weekend. So I spent a bit of time thinking back to my own graduation, back in 1996. Thus, a set of songs from that year:

Oasis, “Champagne Supernova”
Tracy Bonham, “Mother Mother”
Underworld, “Born Slippy”
Pearl Jam, “Present Tense”
Counting Crows, “Angels of the Silences”



Shame to see Boggs go, but chances are (with our luck) we’ll seem him back sooner than we might otherwise wish. Gravely concerned about K Greene, it seems that his 2008 year-long slide is continuing, either he snaps out of it sharpish or he might find himself on the short end of an abundant infield. -English Redbird

K. Greene may have been juicing, not sayin just sayin

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