Carpenter expected to start Wednesday, plus lineup

The Cardinals expect Chris Carpenter to return from the disabled list Wednesday and start that evening’s game against the Cubs, manager Tony La Russa confirmed on Sunday.

Carpenter has been out since April 14 due to a strained left oblique muscle. He threw four simulated innings on Friday, followed by a bullpen session on Sunday morning. The Cardinals had hoped to hold Carpenter out until next weekend. However, a rainout on Friday and subsequent makeup day on Monday forced their hand, as the club lost an off day and had to go to a fifth starter sooner than expected.

Kyle Lohse, who started Friday’s game before it was washed out in the second inning, will pitch in the makeup game on Monday against Milwaukee. Joel Pineiro will take his scheduled turn on Tuesday at home in the series opener against the Cubs, with Carpenter pitching for the first time in 36 days on Wednesday.

In two starts this year, Carpenter is 1-0 with a 0.00 ERA. He amassed nine strikeouts against two walks in 10 innings of two games. In his absence, rookies P.J. Walters and Mitchell Boggs have both taken turns in the starting rotation.

Today’s STL lineup vs LHP Manny Parra:
1. Ryan 2B
2. Robinson RF
3. Pujols 1B
4. Molina C
5. Stavinoha LF
6. Rasmus CF
7. K.Greene SS
8. Barden 3B
9. Wellemeyer P



What are the chances his ERA stays at zero the rest of the season. LOL. One can hope, right?

Does Wellemeyer have any options left? And if so what are the chances that the cards send him down so that he can get whatever it is right that he needs to get and bring Boggs back up. At least with Boggs lately he is giving us a chance to win. Wellemeyer has been bad as of late!

So Boggs is sent down, even though the Cards have not lost when he starts. He is young and has a live arm and can pitch, yet TLR is gonna ride out the storm with a project who’s career ERA is 4.94! When Luddy and Ankiel get back does that mean our starters get better??
Johnny Mo get on the horn to Billy Beane and inquire what it takes to get Matt Holliday, and get him here quick. We need a good bat behind Pujols, and while your at it call the Mariners and get Beltre, who is a solid professional at 3rd. ( I know salary is huge but the guy is a gold glove 3rd baseman and can hit). The M’s will unload him for next to nothing.
Bring Carp back and bring Boggs back up, send down Boyer and call up Jess Todd, to the Bullpen. Dump K. Greene’s salary and horrible play, let T. Greene and B. Ryan play the DP duo, and wow I would have fun watchin that team every night, win or lose….

HUH??? You must lose your fantasy league if that is who you want to bring to the Cards. You want to bring Holliday to “protect” Pujols?? He is showing what everyone was concerned about..he isn’t that good outside of Colorado, with his .260 ave and 4 homers Not too mention is 13.5 mil dollar salary. And Beltre who is making 13.4 mil. hitting .211 with 2 homers. add to that you just “dumping” 6 mil in salary that no one wants right now in K.Greene and what do you got?? The only thing I agree with you on is doing something with Wellemeyer and bringing Boggs back up. Since apparently you want Ryan at 2nd instead of Shumacher and take his bat out of the lineup. Not only do we not have enough to trade for your 2 saviors but there is no way we will take on those salaries and I’m happy we don’t. Our injured team needs help but I’m glad your not our GM, WOW!!

No I’m not a GM but, here’s the scoop, Beltre is in a contract year, so that 13.4 mill is off the books, next year. Do you see Thurston and Barden hitting, even .280 combined, shuffling in and out of the lineup over the year? Defense please, Ryan @2nd, Shumacher back in LF or RF. Two of those OF’s either Ludwick, Duncan, or Ankiel could be traded for Holliday who is a right-handed bat(we need it) that doesn’t need to be platooned. Coor’s didn’t have anything to do with it, switch of leagues playing with no protection himself in a huge stadium, Knowing full well he is trade bait…. He doesn’t strike out 140 times a year like that trio, think of it this way that’s 320 times over the year the ball is NOT put in play!!!!
Just a thought can’t score if your big guns can’t hit it

I’m definitely with Slata. Mostly bad ideas. We’re not scoring well right now because Ludwick and Ankiel are NOT in the lineup. We’re not scoring because we’re NOT platooning and keeping Dunc and Ras fresh by mixing them with Luddy and Ank. I want nothing to do with Holliday because of the splits that you are TOO quick to dismiss. And Beltre is an even worse idea. He’s gonna came to STL and just hit .280? That’s 27 million dollars on a whim for one year! Even if we COULD pull that off player-wise, we can’t swing that under the budget.

I’m of the mindset that Boggs is not the answer to Wellemeyer’s Wellsian performances this season. I like him a lot, but 4 and 1/3 in each of his last two outings is not gonna get the job done all season. Since we’re playing GM, and I know I’m in the minority here, but I put in a call to Pedro Martinez. It’s a salary hit that no one was planning on, but I think it would be four million dollars well spent, a potential major upgrade from Wellemeyer and, at least, very good, major league proven depth.

I completely agree with your assessment of the team. I only said Boggs because I was thinking like the cards and doing something that wasn’t going to cost them anymore money. But I would much rather have 4-5 innings of Boggs and letting our relievers pick up the slack for one game then see Wellemeyer flail about and get pummelled. But while were hoping the Cards might actually look outside the organization, I say we pay close attention to the report that Ben Sheets gets from the doctor. While the Cubbies are going for Peavy at the trading deadline a healthy Sheets that could prolly be had for a very reasonable price to prove he is healthy would be a huge upgrade for a 2nd half run!!

I blame it on the manager. I (watching these last 2 weeks) have noticed that the team gets awfully “down” when they get 4-5 runs behind early in games. PITCHING is the answer. they are getting pounded and then fall asleep. this is a 4th place team at best, because they have 4th place pitching – not much science to it. – early in the season they won 10 of 13 games and the pitching was the best in the national league – look at the numbers – NOW they have bad pitching and a bad record. Ankiel and Ludwick will not turn this around. 4th place. happy dreaming. cheap management. there will be another pathetic mid season ARM pick up – with no results. clock is ticking on Albert, they are blowing it.

So are you blaming the Manager (TLR) or the Management (Mo & Company)? One makes sense one does not. If you want to blame it that Mo didn’t give our rotation enough depth and banked to much on Carpenter that makes sense..if your going to say that TLR is to blame when the resources he has available to him fail..then that is ludacris! I’m guessing that you have never played baseball before as it sucks being down 4-5 runs before you even get a chance to bat or scoring a couple runs just to watch your pitching walk batter after batter and then allow a base hit to break the game open. It WILL be better when we actually get proection for Pujols back in the lineup, as I think he is trying to do too much right now. But to say that our pitchers failing has anything to do with how Tony is managing the ballgame makes absolutely no sense…he can’t throw the ball for them, nor is he telling them to not throw strikes.

I’m only thinking of Beltre and Holliday(both righties) because .280 is a darn good average in the major leagues. I’m not so sure that Ludwick, Ankiel and Duncan are going to be .280 hitters(none of those 3 have played a full season yet and they’re not young uns by any stretch…), really when you factor in the all those K’s thats a big hole behind Pujols. Rasmus is the guy you build around in the OF w/ Schumaker, it’s about defense too, that’s been the Cardinal way for a long time, and pitching as well, but there is no quick fix in sight(gotta make sure Carp is right to evaluate that mess).
As far as the budget, If ownership thinks a big salary can help this team they’ll pony up, besides you have to factor in the All-Star weekend for monetary purposes as well.
I think after emptying the bullpen and bench tonight, TLR is sending a message to everyone that this team needs help, and don’t think that when those big three come back that it is gonna solve all the problems.
Beat those dang cubbies please….

Boy oh Boy I hope we can turn it around against these Cubbies, but after just getting pounded by another Hot Divisional Opponent, I got a bad feeling i’m gonna be covering my eyes again and my ears so i don’t have to hear all those dang Cubs fans at work!

Dude….I guess you guys don’t know how to read stats….Schumaker is one of the best defensive secondbaseman in baseball right now…here’s the top five:

David Eckstein, SD 37 34 298.1 149 54 95 0 20 1.000 4.49 5.584
Clint Barmes, Col 28 22 200.1 107 42 65 0 19 1.000 4.81 5.271
Freddy Sanchez, Pit 35 35 308.2 171 75 95 1 23 .994 4.97 4.959
Skip Schumaker, StL 30 29 219.2 119 45 73 1 18 .992 4.86 5.218
Orlando Hudson, LA 40 40 352.0 175 86 87 2 23 .989 4.42 5.669

Skip has one error all year….one….and a .992 fielding percentage….and his been crushing the neck out of the ball lately:

2009 STATS
.301 2 12 .351 .431

…he’s doing better against lefties too….I know managment has messed up but this trully was a genius move….I agree about keeping Boggs on the roster at least as long relief sending Thompson back down…I didn’t understand that move one bit…But I’m kind of guessing that they want to give Wellmeyer and Pinero a few more games while keeping Boggs on the same five day rotation schedule and if they still can’t get things straightened out then one of the is definetly getting demoted and Boggs is back having a larger pitch count…I also wouldn’t mind signing Pedro just to give us more depth….There’s gotta be something wrong with him though because all the teams are passing on him if you look at the ESPN rumor page….I would like to know what Mr. Leach thinks?

Me, too! That’s why I submitted the question in a question to the Inbox/Mailbag!😉
And I understand you’re thinking, JR – right-handed bats are a need – but I don’t think an overrated Holliday and aged Beltre are the answers. AND I maintain that we will back to April form once Luddy and Ank are back. I welcome an addition, but I hope it’s a reliable one and not a crapshot, even at a one year rental.

When I first heard that they were sending Boggs down, my first thought was, “what about Wellemeyer?” If it were up to me, I would send Wellemeyer to the minors, and keep Boggs. Granted, he isn’t making it deep into games, but the Cards have backed him up, and got the win. About new acquisitions: I do think that Matt Holliday would be a good grab, but I would like to see the Cards going after some of the veteran free agents: Ben Sheets (come on, we need a stronger rotation), or Edmonds (would love to see him back in CF at Busch). We need to not be so eager in calling up guys from the minors — although Thurston and Barden are a dynamic duo — and be more aggressive with the trades.

Just because they’re on a losing skid doesn’t mean you have to go out and make trades and/or sign free agents. Look at what they’re missing…
Carpenter, Glaus, Ankiel, and Ludwick. Ooh, let’s go out and get Beltre or Holliday. Why? That’s not even a good statement to make. It’s a 162 game season, it’s a marathon with like 132 games to go.
Wellemeyer is a innings eater, the same with Piniero. If I’m not mistaken Wellemeyer is a second half of the season type pitcher, he’ll get better just keep him in there.

I really could not disagree more. The reason our farm system has been so depleted in the past is because we were too quick to pull the trigger on trades and deal away young talent. Like I’ve written, I am not against needed acquisitions (starting pitching, maybe something in the middle infield, etc). I do not want to see a panic-induced trade for a Matt Holliday type rental. We’ll be fine in a couple weeks offensively. Again, Pedro is whom I’m calling. Carp, Wainwright, Lohse, Pedro, and Pinero with Boggs and Wellemeyer as depth guys would much more imposing as a rotation than a Holliday and Beltre lineup that is without Ank and Luddy.

I disagree with mlbfanatic. You’re RIGHT on, Mr. Anderson! (minus the Wellemeyer endorsement, :P)

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