Tuesday tidbits: Ank approaching

It’s an absolutely perfect night at Busch Stadium, nice and mild and not too windy. Windows open here in the press box.

* Rick Ankiel is northbound as I write this. He’s coming to St. Louis tonight. Tomorrow, they’ll check him out, and if he’s cleared, he’ll be activated.

* Yesterday, I asked TLR if there was any argument to be made for starting a prime defensive infield behind Pineiro, and he essentially said no, he wouldn’t tailor his infield to his starting pitcher. Then, today, he puts out what is at least arguably his best defensive infield, including the LHH Joe Thurston against LHP Ted Lilly. IMO it’s absolutely the right thing to do; you have to have a good defense behind Pineiro.

* David Freese underwent ankle surgery today. Per John Mozeliak, it was a relatively minor surgery but nonetheless will keep him out for a good couple of months. Terrible break for Freese, who had a great opportunity this year if he’d been healthy.

* The pitcher was back in the 8th spot today. TLR noted that it was definitely in part due to the recent offensive struggles. His thought process is always, if things aren’t working, try something different.

* They’ve made no announcement as to what the corresponding move will be when Chris Carpenter is activated tomorrow. However, it sounded like Brad Thompson won’t be the odd man out. I asked La Russa if they still needed a long reliever, and he said that ideally, they do.

Today’s playlist:
10,000 Maniacs: “Poison in the Well”
Death Cab for Cutie: “The New Year”
Mike Doughty: “Navigating by the Stars at Night”
Tanya Donnelly: “Kundalini Slide”
Kay Hanley: “Satellite”



Thurston and Barden’s BA’s are falling faster than the stock market did. Having Ryan back can’t hurt and considering what we are getting out of the two Greenes, what can it hurt to bring Wallace up for a look. His defense may be lacking a bit but he should fit in with most of the infield crew this year. The Brewers put a rookie in at 3B the other night and it paid off for them. I’ve been a Thompson fan for a long time, but it appears that experience has not improved him. He will probably stick because there is not much relief pitching left to pick from down in Memphis.

There are plenty of candidates for the odd man out… Boyer, Perez, Motte…but I would cut Barden first to make room for Carpenter.

Perez and Motte have been two of our best closers, sending them down would be suicidal, Motte has come on leaps and bounds since the first week. I would send K-McC down, he’s nothing but bad news on the mound and is not good enough for the bigs. -English Redbird

My vote would be Boyer, only because of the fact that he is not getting the work up here. If you had the best scenario, Wellemeyer goes down and Boggs back up. If ankiel is activated to night it’s Robinson or T. Greene, Stavinoha has won a spot I think,right-handed bat, done well in 3 starts.
Joel P. was lights out last night! Good thing Rasmus is playing, hate to see him sit….

Rasmus is beginning to show the benefits of playing every day with improved hitting. I will regret to see him platooned again. I am not a big fan of platooning. Had rather see the same players every day except for a day off now and then or unless they are in a slump like KGreene. It will be interesting to see what they do with KGreene in the next few weeks.

I absolutely agree with frankx5. We will keep reaping the benefits of giving these young players regular playing time. I have been most impressed watching Thurston, Rasmus and TGreene. On the flipside, I can see where TLR is in a tough spot, since sidelining slumping players sometimes perpetuates their slump; ergo, time to go the minors. Deciding who stays and who gets “platooned” is a tough call. What most concerns me is the pitching staff. I would send Boyer and McClellan down, and stick Boggs on middle relief now that Carp is back in the starting rotation.

Can someone please explain to me why on earth they would send McClellan down?

He’s having an outstanding year. He’s versatile, and able to get more than three outs with a lead. He’s been effective against LH and RH hitters.

I am absolutely baffled. Please explain to me what you guys are seeing that I am not. The walk total is high. Aside from that… what?


Yeah I don’t see why you would send down K. McClellan, he has been nothing but what we need in the bullpen, a solid multiple inning guy who gets big outs. You don’t bring Boggs back to the ‘pen big mistake, guy needs to start.
Wow I’m not gonna ruin any streaks but HELLO, please look right at the plate Albert, need ya bigtime.
Anyone hearing anything on the CLay Bucholtz to St. Louis deal?

McClellan’s curve was nasty last night. I’m still buzzing about it.

Still looking at Tuesday Tidbits even though it’s Thursday afternoon. This lis less like a blog and more like a website!

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