Friday lineup, tidbits to follow

Lineup vs RHP Kyle Davies:

1. Schumaker 2B
2. Barden 3B
3. Pujols 1B
4. Duncan LF
5. Stavinoha RF
6. Rasmus CF
7. LaRue C
8. Wellemeyer P
9. Ryan SS



Todalian hits 8th. What are the odds Davies gets a hit tonight? GO CARDS!!!


With all of the Peavy hubbub, how about this three way trade for a little/lot of help at SS. Peavy to the Mets (who need pitching and can take on the payroll), Reyes to the Cardinals (he’s in the Mets fans’ doghouse) and the Cardinals give up (not sure who) Motte or Perez, McClellan, Wallace, K. Greene (to NYM), not sure. We still have a place for Glaus if he returns and we have a pretty young stud in Reyes (not sure of his contract/ arbitration eligibility).

Reyes is a cornerstone of the Mets and signed to a very reasonable deal (5.75 this year, 9 next year, 11 option in 2011). They would not give him up in a deal where all they got was Peavy.

Additionally, that’s not enough going to SD — a package of relievers and a prospect without a position is not going to do it.


Let’s hope TLR sticks this lineup card in his back pocket and keeps it there! Ouch, 2 hits til the PH homer by T. Greene, this kid can play I hope he stays for awhile. Nice win by the Hometown Birds….

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