Monday tidbits: Ank a bit sore — ROTATION CORRECTED

I stepped off the plane this morning in Milwaukee, a city I’m really fond of, and was surprised by the weather. It’s brisk today, was in the low 50s this morning and we probably won’t see 70 at any point in this series. Still, pleasant, and the roof is open at Miller Park.

With some outstanding Alterra coffee in my tummy, here are the tidbits:

* Rick Ankiel is a bit sore in his right shoulder and got the day off. The No. 5 spot in the order was left open until Ankiel arrived and they could evaluate him. When he got in, they elected to give him a recovery day. He’s expected to be back in the lineup tomorrow.

“That’s one reason I wanted to play him yesterday,” TLR said. “You’ve got to get through that — play and get sore. He’s got a little sore spot so I’m not going to push him. Hopefully he’ll be back in there tomorrow.”

* Former Cardinal John Mabry, a very popular man among both fans and teammates, is with the club on this road trip. He’s serving as a batting practice pitcher and instructor, getting a look at what life as a coach is like.

“He’s trying to explore things about getting back in the game,” said John Mozeliak. “Tony and I and some of the coaches will talk to him a little bit about it. … It worked out. We had a need. So the timing was mutually beneficial.”

* Ryan Ludwick continues to progress well. He said he’s feeling very good, and he put on quite a show in batting practice. According to everyone I’ve talked to, he’s on schedule to be activated for Friday in San Francisco, and TLR said he will not go on a rehab.

* Khalil Greene is expected to be back in the starting lineup for tomorrow’s game. TLR likes the way he’s coming along, and feels that he work he’s doing with Pujols has been very beneficial.

* TLR on Tyler Greene: “He could be a utility man in the big leagues right now. But we want him to be an everyday player and he needs at-bats.”

* The Cardinals will simply roll over their rotation after Thursday’s off day, giving everyone an extra day of rest. So it will be Todd Wellemeyer on Friday in San Francisco, Kyle Lohse on Friday in San Francisco, Joel Pineiro on Saturday and Carpenter on Sunday.

* The Cardinals and Brewers are both wearing commemorative red caps in honor of Memorial Day. The caps have an American-flag pattern covering the team logo, much like last year’s navy blue caps.

* Catcher-turned-pitcher Casey Mulligan has been promoted. After embarrassing the Midwest League (20 IP, 36 K, 5 BB, 8 H, 1 ER, 0 HR), he’s now going to be pitching for high Class A Palm Beach.

And, finally, no playlist today. Instead, I want to take a moment to join the chorus thanking and recognizing everyone who has served our country in the armed forces, and especially those who gave their lives.

As Mabry said this morning, “Happy Memorial Day… no, humble Memorial Day.”



Rotation….ummm, what about Wellemeyer, Matt?? Doesn’t he go Wednesday, making the S.F. series Lohse/Pineiro/Carpenter?? Suppose Lohse could be given an extra day to let that HBP heal more, with Joel going on regular rest Friday, though…keep us posted on the Main Page if you would…thanx🙂

Rotation….ummm, what about Wellemeyer, Matt?? Doesn’t he go Wednesday, making the S.F. series Lohse/Pineiro/Carpenter?? Suppose Lohse could be given an extra day to let that HBP heal more, with Joel going on regular rest Fridaym though…keep us posted on the Main Page if you would…thanx🙂

Fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

Cool…sorry about the double-post. The delay (I guess for moderating) usually makes me think my text didn’t go. As a “professional Rotations Guy” for a Fantasy site, that one stuck out like a sore thumb to me. Meanwhile…how “sure” a thing is Lohse for Friday?? Personally, I’m figuring Tony & Dunc will figure out that the right thing to do is toss Pineiro Friday on regular rest, then Lohse on Saturday giving him an extra day to “get right.” Make sense?? It does to me….

It’s painfully obvious that the Cards need a live bat behind Pujols. I wonder if the powers that be have had second thoughts about a seemingly speedy decision to put Ludwick on the 15 Day DL? Ludwick has probably been ready to play since last weekend. There seems to be no news about Glaus. Are we looking at him being written off for the season?

frankx5, you’re not the only one wondering about Glaus. I suspect for now, the only word we’re going to get is that he is still due to be re-evaluated sometime early in June. After that, we may or may not know much more about when, or if, to expect him back on the field. If he’s out for the season, that would definitely change how we might approach the third base situation in his absence. If we can still expect him back, Barden, Thurston, and Ryan are merely placeholders. If not, we may need someone who would be more of a true replacement. Go Cards!

Ludwick was not ready to play over the weekend. He said he still had a touch of discomfort as of yesterday, though it continues to improve. He should be good on Friday, but to suggest that he has been ready for several days is inaccurate.

As for Glaus, you’re right, there hasn’t been any news. That’s because at the time he headed out to AZ, the decision was made that they’d re-evaluate sometime around the beginning of June. That time is coming soon, and hopefully we’ll all know more at that time — i.e. sometime next week.


Yeah I’m not betting on Glaus to be back this year,but as Frankx5 stated the Cardinals need a bat, a proven run producer behind Pujols. Luddy and Ankiel have tried, and Duncan isnt the answer really anywhere, except platooning and playing first base for Pujols on rest days. Right now there are some cheap right-handed bats out there(Beltre the M’s will dump for next to nothing,gold glove defense and will hit behind Pujols), who I think coming to St. Louis would be a jump start for us getting to the playoffs. To all you naysayers out there on Beltre and Holliday, those averages sure are looking good about now, watching Pujols yesterday was painful….. You know the guy is looking behind him and wishing Duncan could hit and offspeed pitch…….

I live in SF and am going to the game on Sun. 5/31. It seems Carpenter is in fact scheduled to pitch that day, something I’d hoped for prior to my calculating and purchasing tickets.

In that he appeared more than healthy yesterday, is there any reason to believe he might not pitch that game? Last time I went to see him at “Phone Bill” Park he was scratched.
Got my fingers crossed.

Thanks for correcting my speculation about Ludwick being ready play. I hadn’t seen anything but how great he was feeling for several days and got caught extrapolating. Guys, as for someone to protect Pujols, I thought Ludwick was doing a great job (take a look at the April stats and all of last year). Was just pointing out that without someone to cover his back, Pujols is a wasted asset and it is sad to see Pujols have to deal with it. People can make up wish lists about who they would like to see hit 4th and 5th but Ludwick and Ankiel are reality. I was concerned about Ankiel’s slow start this year but he was coming on very nicely when he hit the wall.

I know that Mo has said that bringing Brett Wallace up to play third is not under consideration, but I wonder: if Glaus just can’t go, what would it take for him to reconsider? With the clock seemingly striking twelve and Thurston and Barden turning back into pumpkins (and don’t get me wrong, I like Thursty as a utilityman, he’s just not a major-league starting 3B), it seems entirely credible to me that Walrus could make the difference between a playoff team and a near miss, if the starting pitching holds up. I’d like to understand the front office’s reluctance to promote him; is there something about the guy that I’m missing?

Wallace just isn’t hitting that much. That’s the whole issue. Entering today he was at 295/395/440 between AA and AAA. It’s not bad, but it certainly doesn’t translate to impact bat at the Major League level.

If he were destroying the Minors like Braun in 07 (342/418/701 before his callup), it would be one thing. But he’s not. He’s holding his own, and the OBP is nice. But it’s not sensational, by any stretch.

I’m planning a longer blog post on this tomorrow, but in a nutshell, this is the deal: if he were destroying the Minors, then you’d overlook all the negatives to a callup (his defense, starting his arb clock, starting his FA clock, crowding the 40-man, risking having to burn an option on him this year, etc etc). But he’s not, and so it’s not worth it IMO.


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