Lohse officially scratched

Tony La Russa confirmed after Wednesday’s game that Kyle Lohse will not, in fact, start Friday’s game in San Francisco.

The exact plans remain somewhat uncertain, but as of now, the tentative plan is to start Joel Pineiro on Friday, Chris Carpenter on Saturday and Adam Wainwright on Sunday. They’ll all be starting on their normal four days’ rest.

Lohse, of course, has soreness and a welt on his right forearm after being hit by a pitch in his last start. The Cardinals had very much hoped to use Thursday’s off day as an opportunity to give all of their starting pitchers an extra day of rest. Instead, they’ll use it to protect Lohse.

“We’re not going to pitch Lohse, that’s for sure,” La Russa said. “We’ll probably wait till tomorrow and see how Wainwright comes on his second day, but the first two guys [Pineiro and Carpenter] say they’re ready to go on their day. So that’s probably the play we’re going to make, but it can be changed and we can use Thompson.”



Dude, I have a question about the story pertaining to possible deals. We heard this same tune from Mo in the offseason, but as it turned out he was just blowing smoke. Is there anything that would make us think any different this time around? Cause until I see it, I don’t believe he is serious for a minute.

What do you think the Cardinal management/owners are willing to do to extend LaRussa’s contract past this year? I know not everyone loves him, but he has certainly proven to be a winner and a shrewd manager. It also occurs to me that if we lose him, we also lose Dave Duncan and very possibly Albert. Since management has decided to “grow” our own team by signing them young and bringing them through our farm system, and since Tony seems to have preferred veterans in years past, do you see this as a huge hurdle to get over before TLR will re-sign with us?

I think TLR and Pujols will sit and wait to see what management will do. Both have stated in the past they are here to win championships. With Pujols(who won’t give STL another hometown discount) it’s pretty evident that whatever happens in the next month, will be pretty crucial to him staying around, whether Ludwick and Ankiel coming back from injury and start producing, or JoMo goes out and spends some money and acquires some pieces. But I don’t think both are hitched together, we could see one go but probably not both if the front office decides to sit tight again this year. Let’s hope we can watch Pujols begin and end his career here.

Why is it when everything seems to come together, something ALWAYS happens? First it was Carp, then it was Ankiel and Ludwick and now it’s Lohse. Aye! Someday all the pieces will be in place – let’s hope that day is in September/October!

Deal for Garrett Atkins? Judging from this year’s performance, he has the looks of another KGreene. No way, Barden has a higher BA and more HR’s in limited play. Try Barden as an everyday player before dumping him. DeRosa (on paper anyway) looks like a more promising prospect, but the price could be high for a small difference between him and what we already got.

Mark DeRosa is a perfect match for LaRussa style baseball (multi-position/hustle-style) and that is who we should go after. He’s a clutch hitter (we all know he was a thorn in the Cardinals side when he was at Chicago), plays most all positions well, and hustles on every play. Plus I’m sure he’d like a shot at getting back at the “Cubbies” for trading him.

KGreene went on the DL this afternoon, making a place for Ludwick.

Can we as fans, ask San Fransisco for a redeux w/out TLR managing a game in the series?

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