Lots of late-night tidbits

Usually, if it gets to this point in the evening and I haven’t posted tidbits, I’ll just bag it. But in this case, there was simply too much stuff to ignore. Very busy and interesting day at the ballpark, with a long and valuable pregame chats with not only TLR but Mozeliak.

* Rick Ankiel, we were told, is improving but not ready yet. He may be available to pinch-hit on Wednesday, but more likely he won’t play until Friday in San Francisco.

* TLR, pregame, on putting Chris Duncan in the 2 spot, and whether it was an attempt to get Duncan going: “That’s the main reason I’m doing it.”

Sometimes those things work out…

* TLR and Mo were both asked (not by me) before the game about the possibility of Rasmus being sent out as a corresponding move when Ludwick is activated. Both dismissed it pretty much out of hand. Asked if Rasmus was safe, this was TLR’s answer:

“Yeah. Why not? Are we sending somebody out that’s hitting better than he is? The best problem we can have is when four of those guys are swinging the bat real well and you have to pick three of the four.”

* There’s a story I wrote earlier tonight on Glaus’ status that’s currently on the site. Rather than recapping it here, I’ll simply send you right to the story.

* As noted in the game preview that will go up shortly, Jason LaRue will catch tomorrow. TLR detests the whole personal-catcher thing, but will use LaRue with Wellemeyer just the same. It’s partly because Molina is going to catch all three games this weekend against SF, and quite possibly all four after that against Cincinnati.

* The Cardinals are not likely to go back to 12 pitchers when they make the move with Ludwick. Mozeliak on that topic:

“If we didn’t have that stretch beginning on Friday, we probably would have gone back to 12. But given some of the uncertainties we have, and we don’t have an off day for the next [2 1/2] weeks…

“If things go well with our rotation, not necessarily replicate what we’ve seen in the last six days but kind of follow suit, then at that point we might go back to 12 pitchers. I think we’ll carry 13 pitchers probably for the foreseeable — seven to 10 days. There’s no off day. If we see what we’ve seen the past week from our starters continue into next week, then I think we might reconsider.”

* Mozeliak said he expects that Joe Mather will return to action sometime next week. Mather has not played since May 7 after undergoing a wrist operation. It would obviously be a very big boost for this team to get Mather healthy and hitting well enough to be called up. His right-handed pop is definitely missed.

* TLR was noncommittal on whether Khalil Greene will start tomorrow’s game. His postgame comment on that:

“I’m going to give it some thought tonight. He had a rough day and he wasn’t happy with himself. I’m going to think about it tonight. I’m not sure about tomorrow yet.

“When he struggles, it eats at him. This game is about struggles. You make seven outs in 10, and all that stuff. but it eats at him. He cares.”

* Former Packers GM Ron Wolf was in attendance. Wolf is one of the most
frequent visitors to Spring Training and a good friend of TLR’s. In my
experience, also a good guy; enjoyable fellow to talk baseball or
football with.

* And finally, a reminder that I love talking ball on Twitter. Follow me there, my handle is MatthewHLeach.

I think it is too late for a playlist, especially since I’ll be back here in about 8 1/2 hours.



Thanks Matthew. Many times the tidbits don’t have enough bite to make into a story, but these are the types of things that the ravenous horde of Cards fans are screaming for! Especially like the snippet about Mather (good news!) and the rationale about staying with 13 hurlers for now. A lot of fans thought they’d go back to 12, but until the recent success becomes an extended success guess we better not get ahead of ourselves!

Colby Rasmus should not be sent down…under any circumstances

Does it not appear that Glaus intends to take the Mulder route? It appears that he is going to sandbag it this year then present himself as healed for next season. Hopefully, he has the same luck with that ploy that Mulder had.

As for Ricky Ankiel, he is my favorite Cardinal, but he is too fragile and too slow to heal to keep around beyond this season. Thoughts?

Um, seriously?

I don’t know where you get that impression about either guy. Mulder desperately wanted to pitch last year, going so far as to completely make over his delivery. It didn’t work, but to suggest that he was “sandbagging it” last year, I couldn’t disagree more.

Glaus, meanwhile, was going insane in SPRING TRAINING with his eagerness to get in a game.

Just because somebody doesn’t heal, doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to play.


If Glaus is gone for the season, which looks more and more a likely scenario. Do you think the Cards will go out and look for a bat? even if it’s not a 3rd baseman?
Watching today’s game I get the feeling one of two things is starting to happen w/ Pujols. Either he is hurt (from the HBP v. Pitt) or he has no confidence in the guy behind him to drive in runs. He looks like a totally different player in the last 3 weeks. It’s safe to assume he is pressing, but still when Ludwick comes back he is not the clean up hitter even TLR has said he is a 5 hole guy, which leaves Ankiel who k’s too much, your thoughts???

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