Wednesday tidbits: Lohse questionable for Friday

It’s a gray, wet, chilly day up here in Milwaukee. The roof is closed, and with good reason. This would be a miserable day to play ball outside, if in fact you could even get a game in. But, with the roof, it’s a pleasant 70 or so degrees indoors, and the game starts in 18 minutes. Here’s to modern technology.

* Kyle Lohse appears likely to be skipped from his Friday start as he continues to recover from being hit by a pitch on the right forearm on Saturday. I saw his arm, and he still has a noticeable red welt. Lohse said that during his bullpen session yesterday, he felt something like a “burning cramp” as he released the ball, so he cut the throw short.

It’s tough to envision him pitching Friday, but the Cardinals have not yet confirmed that Lohse has been bagged. If he’s skipped, they’ll likely bump everybody up to four days’ rest rather than giving them the extra day with the off day. A bullpen game is a distant possibility.

* A variety of options exist for what the Cardinals can do when they activate Ryan Ludwick from the disabled list, which is expected to happen Friday. They’re leaning towards keeping 13 pitchers, but it’s conceivable they could send out a pitcher. They could option Nick Stavinoha, though Stavinoha has shown some nice signs at the plate and they could use the extra hitter.

One other option may be to place Khalil Greene on the disabled list. I asked TLR whether they had other choices besides sending out an outfielder, even if they wanted to stay at 13 pitchers, and he said that yes, they do.

However, it would be most logical that if they DL’d Greene, they’d still want to call up an infielder. Five outfielders and five infielders would be a strange mix, even when one of the infielders is also an outfielder.

* Which brings us to today’s lineup, vs LHP Manny Parra:
1. Ryan SS
2. Duncan LF
3. Pujols 1B
4. Stavinoha RF
5. Barden 3B
6. LaRue C
7. Thurston 2B
8. Wellemeyer P
9. Schumaker CF

Yes, Schumaker starting in the outfield for the first time this year. TLR did not want to start Rasmus against the left-hander and risk setting him back after a positive day yesterday. Here’s the skipper’s comment:

“He’s got a little something going, and he’s struggled against lefties. I can play Schu there and let [Rasmus] come off his two base hits yesterday and be ready for San Francisco. There’s no reason he can’t hit them, but he’s struggled against them.”

Today’s playlist is a nod to the ’60s rock’n’roll classics they play a lot of here at Miller Park. Most of these, we’ve heard in the last couple days.

Beatles, “Day Tripper”
Supremes, “You Keep Me Hanging On”
Rolling Stones, “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”
Jimi Hendrix, “All Along the Watchtower”
Temptations, “Cloud Nine”



I think Skip will be fine in the OF. Here’s to hoping we continue what we started last night. Still odd seeing Stav in the cleanup role, but whatever works (at the time) works and I’ve learned my lesson in second guessing TLR.

Lovin’ that playlist. Got some Stones coming through the buds right now.Russ

Can someone help me with this one? In the 8th yesterday, Reyes is pitching, and he gets Fielder out, then remains in to get the rightie Cameron, a bona fide power threat, out. The, with 2 outs, the Brewers send up McGee, a rightie, but not much of a power threat. And the leftie Gamel, another power threat is on deck. So, after striking out Cameron, Reyes is inexplicably remoed for Franklin. Now, granted, it all worked out, but how many of you felt that Franklin had to throw too many pitches by the time Hardy made the last out? This smacks of a bit more TLR overmanaging to me.

If I recall correctly, the worry was that with Gamel, they’d go to a RH pinch-hitter. So the question becomes, would you rather have Franklin vs the LHH, or Reyes vs the RHH? I think it’s pretty clear you’d rather have Franklin vs the lefty. Moreover, he hadn’t pitched in six days, and they have an off day today, so I had no problem at all with stretching Franklin out for four outs.


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