Monday tidbits: Glaus update, and lots more

Greetings on a warm night at Busch Stadium. Summer arrived in St. Louis today.

* John Mozeliak just briefed reporters on Troy Glaus’ condition. The club had a conference call today that included Mozeliak, the athletic training staff and Keith Kocher, the physical therapist with whom Glaus is working out in Arizona.

Glaus has been cleared to begin a throwing program, with other baseball activities to follow. Mozeliak referred to the call as “encouraging,” but also said he doesn’t really have any more optimism regarding Glaus than he did last week. The rough timetable for Glaus, as of now, is a return to Major League action sometime between mid-July and the beginning of August, but that’s very rough.

Perhaps the most important thing to come out of the GM’s chat with the scribes, though, was that the news doesn’t really affect the club’s plans regarding the offense. They’d like to add someone who can play third base — ideally someone who can also play elsewhere if and when Glaus comes back, but nonetheless someone who can play third base in the short term. They’re not planning to put all their eggs in a “When Glaus Returns” basket.

* As noted in an earlier post this afternoon, the rotation is set for the coming days. Pineiro has been scratched from Friday’s start due to back spasms, with Brad Thompson taking that game. Kyle Lohse, who has been out due to soreness in his right forearm, will be back in the rotation Wednesday, followed by Carpenter, Wainwright and Wellemeyer. On Sunday, they hope Pineiro can take his next turn.

* Ryan Ludwick got the night off tonight, which naturally is going to send lots of people to wailing and gnashing teeth. It’s a scheduled night off after three straight games for a guy who has been on the disabled list. I’m OK with it; I’m sure some of you are not.

* Jason LaRue once again catches Todd Wellemeyer, despite TLR’s repeatedly stated disdain for the concept of the personal catcher.

Here’s La Russa’s comment: “The personal catcher, that’s not going to happen. But he’s had a couple of good games [with LaRue] and you want to give him every edge. So there’s no reason, when everything lines up, to push Yadi.”

* Colby Rasmus is in center with Ankiel in right. I asked whether that was an indication that the manager’s assessment of the two players’ relative merits in center field had changed. He reacted strongly in the negative.

“The days that Rasmus doesn’t play, he’ll play center,” La Russa said. “Why would it change how I view? Rick’s not a good center fielder anymore?

“It gives him one less thing to worry about, one side less to worry about. It’s a good way to bring him back. But if Colby’s not playing, he plays center. And in the future, he could play center and Colby go back to the side.”

* The batting also came up, and specifically Chris Duncan’s place in it. A writer asked about the difference in Chris Duncan’s production in the 4 spot, versus elsewhere. The manager’s response:

“There’s not a big difference, I don’t care what the stats say, where Chris hits. He’s a big guy, he’s strong, they don’t throw the ball down the middle to him. They’re probably a little more likely to challenge him if he’s hitting second.”

No playlist, because I’m just too buried with stuff to take the time to put one together. It’ll be back tomorrow.




Why bother with a play list?

Because I like to do it.

good stuff man, keep up the good writing!

let’s hope glaus comes back strong, that is the best way to help this offense out. i have a feeling they won’t make a move, and glaus coming on strong is about the only in-house boost they have, of course, not including Wallace.🙂

What a lackluster game. I love my Birds, but these past games have been downright boring…not to mention discouraging. Something’s got to give. I know the days of Edmonds, Pujols, Rolen, et al, were not perfect, but it does seem like the offense (and often the defense) were much, much better. Say what you like about home-growing the team, we need to get some spark back into the team and I personally think that will have to come from the outside. Albert cannot do everything and he’ll end up getting hurt if he has to continue to try to carry the team by himself (almost happened tonight). I’m frustrated, can you tell? Oh, and by the way, I now live in Cincinnati Reds country … can’t wait to hear the guff about the Reds taking all but 1 game from us this year. Ugh.

Dewitt/Mo won’t spend a dime, either the junkyards, or Glaus….no more. ..and for the Cardinals, the lack of an impact bat will have them floundering for the rest of the season…..I just hope Albert would make a statement that unless management makes a concerted effort to improve this team, he will file for free agency when his contract is up.

I have been one to say it’s not time to panic, and it still isn’t, but with Ludwick sitting tonight’s game out, which I fully understand, we just don’t have anybody who can hit out of the cleanup position, and it kills rally after rally. Molina can’t do it; Duncan showed again tonight that he can’t do it. Ankiel hasn’t found his swing since coming off the DL. Stavinoha is the only one who shows any sign of being able to come through and get runs in from the 4 hole, and Tony won’t put him there. You can say Wellemeyer lost this game in the top of the 4th, but I think it was lost in the bottom of the second and third, when we stranded a runner at third with only one out, and then came back the next inning following Rasmus’ leadoff homer and a walk to Albert and failed to do anything with a called third strike to Duncan and a double play ball by Ankiel. Instead of a 4-0 or 5-0 lead, it’s still 2-0 and no margin for error. That makes a world of difference to a pitcher, no matter who it is.

As a Roto head and fan of the game in general, I really wish they’d call up Wallace already. The infield of Scrappy McSlappy, Joe Big Heart and Dirty Gritterton really is annoying.

Mr. Leach, this is the first time I’ve commented on your blog and first off, I wish to compliment you on the fine job you do. I often get the impression that TLR gets irritated by the questions the Media sends his way and today is no exception. What I get from Mozeliak’s comments is that regardless of whether Glaus returns sooner than later, the club is going to go after another hitter and I’d like to see that player be Mark DeRosa because of his all-around versatility.

Dan — Wallace just broke out of a 3-for-35 at AAA today. He’ll be a good one long term, but he’s not ready yet. Not for any pay-his-dues reason. I just don’t think he’s ready to hit big league pitching at this point.

And, yes, I do believe they’re going to make a sincere effort to add a player, with DeRosa being the perfect fit.


About Tony’s comments regarding the question about Duncan hitting in the clean-up spot: do you think he really believes that Duncan can hit anywhere or is that just what he’s saying for public consumption? I also wonder about his selective attention to stats. We’ve seen that he is almost neurotic about his matchups, especially those based upon a hitters previous record against a particular pitcher. So, why would he ignore Duncan’s record in the #4 spot? Also, it seems like Duncan is a very different hitter this year and his previous years’ numbers are not holding up. For example, he had great numbers against Suppan in previous years and yet, has not done well against him this year so far. I don’t mean to single out Duncan, as there are certainly plenty of other guys who aren’t hitting. Just wondered these things since you had that quote from TLR in your article. Is Duncan unable to make adjustments once pitchers get the book on him? Every year we’ve blamed his decreased production on injury, but is it possible that there has also been an inability to make adjustments there? Sure seems like that’s what is happening this year. Interested to know your take on it.

For the last 4 years we have watched the Duncan experiment, not an every day player, time to move on. He is a starting pitchers worst nightmare standing in LF. A power threat? Uhm not so much, injury or not.
But the biggest thing that I gather from discussions w/ Johnny Mo is that this is still a team very much in a transition phase. With or w/out Glaus, who I don’t think this year, will elevate the Cardinals to post-season contenders, is merely keeping the seat at 3rd warm for Wallace. Who should remain @ Memphis the entire year.
With the All-Star game in St. Louis we as fans have something to celebrate this summer. Any kind of “Outside” help will not be a big bat or a 180-200 inning starter but someone who fits TLR’s, different lineup every day, style.
This team is boring to watch and at times down right ugly on the field, that is a direct product to TLR’s lineups, not just offensively but more importantly defensively.
I feel sorry for Barden he never had a fighting chance, Boggs, T. Greene, etc. these young kids who should be such a big part of our future, won’t get a chance w/ TLR in house.
As far as Pujols goes, he might leave and who can blame him? We can only hope that something good happens to these guys before it’s too late….

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