Lohse lifted

ST. LOUIS — Cardinals starter Kyle Lohse was removed from the team’s game against the Reds on Wednesday night due to a recurrence of right forearm discomfort.

The club officially said that Lohse was pulled because of “tightness” in the area. It’s the same place where Lohse was hit by a pitch in his last outing, causing him to be bumped back in the rotation twice.

Lohse threw 39 pitches, and after his last offering, a 2-1 pitch to Reds infielder Jerry Hairston that went for a ball, the game was delayed. Head athletic trainer Barry Weinberg and manager Tony La Russa came out to check on Lohse, and he was quickly lifted.

He gave way to Blaine Boyer. Lohse permitted two runs, one earned, in two-plus innings, with a strikeout and no walks. He was starting for the first time since May 23.


Here’s to hoping Kyle gets back soon and 100% healthy… and that the rest of the staff is there to pick him up!

It just seems like this group of management CAN NOT, for the life of them, make the right moves when it comes to pitching. Instead of making a real push for Jake Peavey or some other free agent, the Cards decided to give Kyle Lohse a 4-year deal and sstick with Pineiro and Carp. Lohse and Pineiro are hit or miss, and Carp is good WHEN he’s healthy, but how long is that gonna last?

Oh man,
This is great news seeing Jess Todd called up, And T. Greene back w/ the big ball club is even better , plus Joey Bombs coming back. These guys are critical in our future development, I hope Johnny Mo and management see that, and recognize that no one on the big team is untouchable, except Yadi, Pujols, Rasmus, Carpenter, and Wainwright. Maybe Motte, I like him, McClellan too.
We need a massive uplift, and it needs to come from outside the organization, regardless of Glaus, our OF is just as poor if not worse. Let Shu back out there don’t ruin this guy moving him to 2nd.
Maybe TLR and company needs to go, If Pujols leaves well thats the buisiness side of it, and we can’t cry bout it. We have a crop of good young talent that needs a place to play, too many TLR “Platoon type” players clogging it the Major League Level!
Let these kids play they have some fire and play with passion at least

I also hope that Kyle Lohse comes back healthy soon. But i do have a question on another pitcher that has just become availible. And that’s Tom Glavine. What would be the chances or odds that the Cardinals pick him up? I don’t think he come over with a steep price tag. Considering he was only supposed to get one million from Atlanta. I think, with his years of expierence and ability, he would be a spectacular addition to the Cardinals ball club.

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