Wednesday evening tidbits

I’m quite sure I saw something for the first time just a couple of minutes ago: a vendor selling hot chocolate at Busch Stadium in June. Curious. It’s overcast and gray, and the video board in the bullpen says it’s 62 degrees right now. Strange days indeed.

I don’t have a lot of tidbits for you today, because the manager’s session was a little less meaty than some days. Got a few things, though.

* Joel Pineiro remains on track and confident that he’ll be able to take the ball on Sunday against the Rockies. For now, Thompson is the contingency plan. Ideally, though, by the time Thompson would be available to relieve, they’ll have an even clearer read on Pineiro.

* TLR on staying with 13 pitchers: “Playing a player short has been good for us. There’s been a minimum of [undesirable] innings pitched by relievers.”

* TLR acknowledged that he’s noticed Joe Mather’s recent return to form.

“I saw the quotes from [Memphis manager Chris] Maloney,” he said. “It sounds like he’s got some bat speed bat. Yeah, I pay a lot of attention to that.”

However, he stopped short of saying that once Mather is right, he’ll be called up right away.

“It depends on what’s happening here too. He’s not going to take Stavinoha’s job right now. It depends on what you need.”

Tonight’s playlist is mostly loud and uptempo, in hopes of helping me shake the haze that I feel like I’ve been walking around in all afternoon:

Muse: “Stockholm Syndrome”
Megadeth: “Peace Sells”
Rage Against the Machine: “Testify”
System of a Down: “Revenga”
Chevelle: “The Clincher”


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