Wednesday lineup; tidbits to follow

Lineup vs RHP Johnny Cueto:
1. Schumaker 2B
2. Duncan LF
3. Pujols 1B
4. Ludwick RF
5. Ankiel CF
6. Molina C
7. Thurston 3B
8. Lohse P
9. Ryan SS



Pitchers hit eighth. Sweet. GO CARDS!

About 3 times a day I check out the web site hoping to see news about 3B. Please let it happen soon! Let’s all try to encourage Ank and Ludwick to find their stroke at the plate again, too. Do the players read this stuff????

Not that I know of.

Hello Mr. Leach,

Maybe you can tell us why Thurston gets more starts than Barden?



It’s partly a L-R thing. Thurston vs RHP, Barden vs LHP. But as of now, Thurston is also out-hitting Barden by quite a bit. Thurston has a pretty nice line for the year, 268/380/441, while Barden is at 237/294/398. That’s a pretty big gap.

Barden is the superior defender, but for now, the bat dictates that Thurston plays.


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