Thursday night tidbits

We start with the personal, so either humor me or skip down a couple of paragraphs. Today is my dad’s birthday, so I want to wish him a very happy birthday and let the world know that I have the best dad in the entire world. Thank you for everything.

Tomorrow, meanwhile, is my wife’s birthday, so I won’t be at the ballpark. We’ll be celebrating the amazing Mrs. Dude’s special day. I also have the best wife in the entire world, and she deserves huge thanks and appreciation for everything she does as well. So, yeah, life is good.

Anyway, on to the tidbits. I’ll be back at the park on Saturday.

* I covered the pregame news in these two articles. TLR had a lot to say on the topic of acquisitions, and it really was an interesting chat. I got a very different vibe as compared to last summer in Philadelphia, where he basically put out a message that he was seeking help for his roster. Today, I got the impression that he really believes things are shaking and something significant may get done. Fascinating session.

* A couple of stats for you… Albert Pujols has at least one extra-base hit in each of his past six games. He also has reached base by hit or walk at least twice in 15 consecutive games. Going back to 1954, that is the second-longest such streak by a Cardinal (according to the amazing and their even more amazing Play Index). The only longer one was by Stan Musial, who had 16 straight from April 17-May 7, 1958. Keith Hernandez also had a 15-game streak in 1980.

* TLR, on whether there are parallels between Carpenter and Dave Stewart: “They’re true No. 1s in the sense that they want that responsibility of leadership. They’re going to compete to the last breath all the time. And when they’re not pitching, they’re very into the rest of the tema. Not just the starting pitchers but the rest of the team.”

Tonight’s playlist is one for Dad:
Emmylou Harris, “Boulder to Birmingham”
John Prine, “Souvenirs”
Rolling Stones, “Dead Flowers”
Led Zeppelin, “Hey Hey What Can I Do”
Steve Earle, “Copperhead Road”



In your completely personal opinion, Mr Leach, who do you think the cards should go after? Regardless of what may or may not be being said at the club? -English Redbird

Happy birthday wishes to Elder Dude, Ms. Dude 🙂

HB to both of the above! Two questions, Matthew: First, do I gather from your headline from yesterday’s game that you’re proclaiming a carpenter to be an electrician? Probably some union issues there.🙂

Second and more seriously, I understand that the options available to the team — and other teams — involving Boyer are that while he’s in DFA status, he could be traded or released; if neither of the above happen, he would be exposed to waivers, and if he passes through waivers, then be assigned to Memphis or another minor-league team. My question is: if that happens, does he have the right to refuse the assignment, becoming a free agent? If so, would he? if he doesn’t have that right, why not? I have a very hard time following the waiver/DFA rules…

The cardinals sure are playing a great game tonight against colorado! I sure love seeing the cardinals get blistered like this! Keep it up!

Good day, to not be @ the ballpark!

My understanding is that refusing an outright assignment is a choice only available to players with a certain amount of service time. If someone either knows what that amount of time is, or knows that I am wrong and can correct me, please chime in.


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