Saturday afternoon lineup and tidbits: Hawksworth up, Todd down

It’s a gorgeous Saturday afternoon/evening in downtown StL. Let’s get on with the tidbits…

* Blake Hawksworth was recalled from Triple-A Memphis today, with Jess Todd being optioned back to Memphis. It sounds very much as though Hawksworth would have been called two days ago, but he wasn’t available because he’d started so recently. Now, Hawksworth is on his regular fifth day, and available to pitch immediately.

Hawksworth steps in as the long reliever that Todd was not conditioned to be.

“Whenever there’s an inning that needs to be pitched, or two innings, or five innings,” TLR said when asked about Hawksworth’s role. “It’s exactly what we do with Brad [Thompson]. He can pitch in a game we’re winning. He can pitch in a game we’re losing. He can pitch at any time. He may have to make an adjustment to his warmup. He’s a typical starter who has a starting routine. But he’ll make the adjustment.”

In 10 starts at Memphis, Hawksworth was 5-4 with a 3.92 ERA. More encouragingly, and more tellingly, he had 51 strikeouts against 19 walks in 62 innings, and he’d only allowed three home runs. Over his last five starts, he had 33 strikeouts and six walks.

* Jason LaRue is catching again tonight, but TLR said that it has nothing to do with who’s pitching. He said Yadier Molina is getting an extra day to recover from being hit in the head by Todd Helton’s bat on Friday night.

“His bell got really rung yesterday by Helton,” La Russa said. “It stung him. So I’m going to give him a day. Yadi was catching this guy today. But I thought when you put everything together, I’d rather give him a day to clear his head.”

Molina is expected to return to the lineup on Saturday. TLR said that Molina had been checked out and was found not to have a concussion.

* The starters remain unchanged for the next two days. Joel Pineiro is on track to start Sunday’s game, with Thompson going on Monday. And remember, Monday is a day game.

* Today’s lineup vs. RHP Aaron Cook:
1. Schumaker 2B
2. Ankiel CF
3. Pujols 1B
4. Ludwick RF
5. Duncan LF
6. LaRue C
7. Thurston 3B
8. Wellemeyer P
9. T.Greene SS

TLR said that Ankiel is in the two spot in large part because he’s had success against Cook.

Today’s playlist, with a Colorado flavor:
Dressy Bessy, “Side 2”
Flobots, “Handlebars”
Big Head Todd and the Monsters, “Bittersweet”
Jill Sobule, “I Kissed a Girl”
U2, “Gloria” (live at Red Rocks, of course)



“More encouragingly, and more tellingly, he had 51 walks against 19 strikeouts in 62 innings”

Sure hope that stat is reversed…yikes! We saw enough walks last night to last us a few weeks.

Gah! Thanks for catching, will fix now.

Figured it was a typo…thanks for all the hard work and cards updates!

Good grief! I can’t hardly watch this sorry excuse for a “team” right now. Losing three straight to the Rockies AT HOME!! Inexcusable.

Good grief! I can’t hardly watch this sorry excuse for a “team” right now. Losing three straight to the Rockies AT HOME!! Inexcusable. This team can only succeed when they get outstanding pitching, and considering our staff and the history of injury I see no reason to believe this team will be around come September. And if they are, it will be because every other team in the Central is pretty bad too, comparitively.

Well rumor has it this team is looking for a BIG BAT and after getting wooped by a horrible Rockies Team it is time that we got one. LUDWICK AND RASMUS should NOT be sitting period!! Ankiel and Duncan are providing ZERO protection and I could care less which one plays right now, but they don’t deserve to play over the other 2. Rasmus is young and doesn’t need days off and Ludwick is healthy now..STOP SITTING HIM!!! it has come to the point in the year where rotating them comes to an end and playing the best comes to a head! Our pitching hasn’t been the greatest this past weekend but we are facing some horsesh** pitching and making them look like Cy Youngs! Hey MO!!! get on the phone…the time to wait is UP!

Why is Duncan still playing so much? He is not hitting and is a defensive liability and minimal speed on the bases. Rasmus is hitting about as well and is faster and a better fielder. Unfortunately Duncan has minimal trade value.

Man the Cards are looking pretty bad right now, when I hear Al, Dan and Ricky Horton start making excuses every night for opposing pitchers coming in on a hotstreak, therefor shutting down the offense again, makes you wonder how bad this could get. I listened to Al make his pitch for DeRosa and don’t agree one bit. Why go out and get a 3rd baseman, w/ Glaus coming back seems a bit odd giving up prospects for that, but maybe if he is your long term solution, still is he a bona-fide big bat???
Duncan will always play, regardless of how bad he is no way we are getting out of that mess. Rasmus is a stud who will get hamstrung by having TLR as a manager, along with all the rest of the “kids”.

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